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  1. sending lots of hugs your way!!! i strongly...

    sending lots of hugs your way!!!
    i strongly believe crying is good for the soul! there are a lot of times when i cry and i always feel better after a good cry. so indulge in that too!
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    WORST first date EVER!!!

    so ive mentioned before that im completely boy crazy...
    well i went on my first date with jarett last night. i guess you can call it a date. i just went over to his place to hang out. a friend of...
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    i know how you feel!

    sounds like your experience with lupus has been pretty painful. my first experience was pretty painful too. i hurt all over. like i'd worked out too hard the day before and my body was wasted. there...
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    wow... it sucks all thats going on with you. but...

    wow... it sucks all thats going on with you.
    but at least now you know whats causing all your symptoms! hope all goes well for you.
    <3 PPSpaz
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    i have so many questions!!!

    ok guys i dont know how forums work. i can barely navigate my way around facebook! i guess im just not too computer savvy... so if im not posting this in the right place i apologize!

    i was...
  6. New to the site, new to lupus!

    Hi! Professional Pilot Spaz here!
    I'm 20 years old and was just diagonosed with SLE last week though I've been dealing with the symptoms for the past 2 months now.
    I'm currently in college in...
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