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  1. Haven't been able to get into the Rheumatologist...annoyed!!!

    Ok so I have been trying to get into the Rheumatologist. The first time I called was because I never heard anything back after the referral. They looked for my referral and didn't find it or my...
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    Working out, turning red

    I just went and worked out on the treadmill for 10 minutes, worked my legs for 5 minutes and worked my arms for 2 minutes and turned extremely red in my face across my nose and on my cheeks. I have...
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    New here, wanna chat

    Hi, my name is Kristina and I am 23. I had pain in my joints mostly in my legs when I was really young and then eventually as I got older it got worse and started hurting in other places like my...
  4. Thank you

    Thank you for being here for me.
  5. Thank you

    Thank you for being so understanding. I hope to see the Rheumatologist soon and get my meds.
  6. Thank you

    Thank you for the understanding. I think I might just go back and read all the previous threads.
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    My thoughts

    Okay. My doctor said he would put me on prednazone if he had to but he doesn't want to because it conflicts with the psych meds I am on. He said if he put me on it it could make me more manic.

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    Why did this have to happen to me?

    I remember having pains in my joints ever since I was little. I had these really bad pains and my mom would just tell me they are growing pains. I always thought that what I went through with the...
  9. Prayed

    Sorry to hear what your going through. I was recently diagnosed with Lupus too so I can kinda understand what your going through.

    I just wanted to let you know me and my grandma have prayed for...
  10. Was just told I have Lupus on the 22nd.

    I was told I have Lupus on the 22nd by my doctor. He is sending me to see a Rheumatologist. So I wanted to have other people to understand what I am going through. I am scared. Please help me.
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