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    I wonder if part of the problem might be that...

    I wonder if part of the problem might be that nobody has takin the time to explain the pros and cons of your medication to you so your able to make a good decision for yourself. I suggest you get the...
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    hope this helps

    I happen to be a single parent mother with a beautiful little girl and i have lupus.. with only one child much less having five children as ya'll do i get worn out so quickly! Just lifting a baby bag...
  3. Thanks

    Thanks everybody, it's good to get to talk to people who can relate.. I'm outside chattanooga, tn MARYCAIN.. do you know the names of any good rhematolgist in Nashville cause i'd be willing to travel...
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    Thats a lie about if you've had chicken pox you can't get shingles cause i had chicken pox bad when i was little (age 4) then when i was 9 i got shingles at a young age! Then by the begining of 6th...
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    My hair falls out all over too or it's like it's...

    My hair falls out all over too or it's like it's breakin off all the time and it seems like different types of birth control makes it worse, maybe it has somethin to do with the hormones in my b/c. I...
  6. Doc.'s don''t want to "diagnosis" me (need advice)

    Hi ya'll i'm 21 years old & ever since the 6th grade i've had pain around my joints & major fatigue. I used to miss school often b/c of the prior days p.e. activites leaving me in so much pain the...
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