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    Hot & Cold at the EXACT Same Time???

    Greetings WHL Family,

    For years, in the midst of experiencing what I thought was part of my fibromyalgia flare (Rheumy has now pretty much ruled out fibromyalgia) one of my chief symptoms has...
  2. Thank you, Simona! Just one more day until my...

    Thank you, Simona! Just one more day until my appointment...I've never wanted to go to the doctor so bad in my life! I just need need to hear what she has to say conclusively, so that we can began to...
  3. 10 Year Anniversary - Has it Been Lupus All Along???

    Greetings WHL Family,

    My name is Malli, and yesterday marked the ten year anniversary of the day that my life forever changed...The back and leg pain had begun earlier that week (I was away from...
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