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  1. If I Use Sunblock, Long Sleeves and a Hat, Will I still Flare?

    Hi All!

    I was told by my rheumy to use sunblock with an SPF 50+. I also bought SunGuard UPA Clothing Protection and I plan to buy some lightweight long-sleeve tunics or cardigans along with a...
  2. Pred Taper... Triamcinolone Injection... Viral Cold

    Hi All,

    I introduced myself in the new member section and I am somewhat of a newbie to lupus. So I have a question.

    My doctor gave me a Triamcinolone injection to calm down my Lupus flare now...
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    "Gray-Area" Lupus Newbie

    Hi All!

    I wanted to introduce myself. I have been recently diagnosed with "Gray-area" Lupus. My symptoms started 2.5 years ago. I was initially diagnosed with Fibromyalgia (sound familiar?), went...
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