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  1. Migranes, aching back and kidney's

    Hi Guys

    I have managed to get a little further on my assignment, but think I am just about to lay down and go to sleep again, if I can.

    I went to the doctor yesterday, as for the last four days...
  2. Thanks for your advise

    I know that I should not be. but at the moment it has easied my migranes.

    I am just sick and tired of all the crap. I can deal with all the emotional things in my life. But health I know is the...
  3. Do some people just wonder why in the hell we are still here

    I'm so sorry, but I have been so low now for so many days, I believe my health is the main forrunner.

    I have heaps of problems at home as well. Husband alcoholic who used to be addicted to...
  4. Thanks guys

    I Just wish to thank you guys so much, I suppose until a definate diagnosis I will stay here if that is o.k.

    The last three nights have hit crisis point and wonder what in the hell I am still here...
  5. Positive Rho52 antibodies apparently only attack babies?

    HI Guys

    I am a newbie. I have posted on a couple of other sites tonight and have nto received any replies as yet, but any would be most appreciated.

    It's been a long journey, but will try and...
  6. Please anybody post a reply. I am at my wits end

    Hi Guys

    I am new.

    I know I have posted twice already tonight, but I need some advice, or is this out of everybody's league.

    I feel like giving up.

    You just get so sick of being sick for...
  7. Lupus????? I am almost 40 and now diagnosed with Rho52

    Hi Guys

    This formum is new to me, but was wondering if anybody could help me.

    Three years ago I was diagnosed with one Autoimmune Disease Hashimoto's Thyroiditis TSH level was 250 and...
  8. Poll: Has anybody heard of this????????

    Quick updated. Three years ago diagnosed with severe Hypothyroidism, which is supposedly under control. Though have just found out that my even though my tsh levels etc are within range, my thyroid...
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