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    Just wanted to update...Have only taken the...

    Just wanted to update...Have only taken the Cymbalta for 4 days and I will NOT be taking it anymore.
    The side effects far outweigh any benefits. I have been weak, dizzy, nauseous, and exhausted....
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    Any good experiences with Cymbalta???

    Hi All!

    I feel like I am running out of options...I was on a fentanyl patch for 2 plus years and my rheumy wanted me off so we switched to Vicodin which might as well be tic tacs for me as they do...
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    Hi Cottongirl! I'm glad you asked...I will be...

    Hi Cottongirl!

    I'm glad you asked...I will be starting Methotrexate tomorrow night because I keep getting pleurisy and we are hoping this helps...I'm very nervous about starting....
  4. Going Crazy about Going without my Lupus Meds...

    Well I am back after having surgery (nissen fundoplication) and I am freaking out!

    It took 2 years to find the medication for me, quinacrine and due to surgery I cannot swallow them, probably not...
  5. Hi Abbasgirl! I am new here..but I do have...

    Hi Abbasgirl!

    I am new here..but I do have alot of experience with head pain.

    I have a headache EVERY day! it stinks but I have found a few things that work. I take a decongestant every day...
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    Fundoplication anyone???

    I have noticed quite a few people on here that have GERD and Reflux.
    Mine is so out of control that I will be having surgery for it.

    So I am wondering if anyone here has had a nissen...
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    Here goes...

    Hi All!

    I have been reading these forums for about 1 year but have never posted (clearly I was in denial!) so here goes!

    My name is Heidi- although I answer to Diva :)
    I am a mom of 5...
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