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  1. I am only taking Plaquenil. I don't know what the...

    I am only taking Plaquenil. I don't know what the other meds are that you listed. I do take mobic for pain, but that's it. If there's something that will help, I'd love to know what it is!
  2. What to do AFTER the methylprednisolone taper???

    Hi! I'm on the last day of a 6 day methylprednisolone taper that brought me more relief than I've had in almost 2 years! Today, my symptoms are already starting to return. If you have done this taper...
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    Someone is squeezing my brain!

    Does anyone else get a feeling that their brain is being squeezed. It is more irritating than painful, kind of a sharpish squeezing feeling. Sometimes it is all over at once, and other times it is a...
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