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  1. NUMBY STUFF! Thank you!

    I will definitely ask about it...sounds much better then what she has at present.
    Yes she has been seen by rheumatologist, in 2002 when she had sever pseudo flare and was inpatinet she was found to...
  2. EMLA, oral ulcers...

    Just gave this evening Kineret and I must say the Elecon and EMLA just do not cut it..the shot/needle itself is not the issue its the darned medicine itself. She was OK with the needle going in but...
  3. Thanks Marycain

    Thank you for your suggestions. The medication Kineret is known to be very irritating. Sammi's physician prescribed the EMLA and Elecon steroid cream because of that. As Sammi is not particularly...
  4. Saysusie; OHL, Kineret etc..

    Thank you for your response! It seems my dear Samantha is putting her cart before her horse and giving us all sorts of clues but does not meet her rheumatologists "clinical diagnosis"...
  5. anyone else with Hairy leukoplakia and odd bubble blisters

    HI I posted awhile ago about my 9 y/o daughter Sammi who has been diagnosed by a subspecialty research immunologist with a primary immune dysfunction,(a signaling disorder where she does not signal...
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    Mom of 9 year diagnosed with atypical lupus

    Hi my name is LeeAnne and I am mom of four terrific kids all of whom have some chronic health problems. My youngest Samantha has chronic intestinal pseudo obstruction and has a GJ tube for management...
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    concerned mom

    Hi I am a newbie here with a 9 y/o who has complex medical issues including chronic intestinal pseudo obstruction and newly diagnosed atypical lupus BUT your post struck a chord with me for different...
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