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    I also had terrible problems but with generic...

    I also had terrible problems but with generic plaquenil (hydrochloroquine).
    When I switched to name brand had a lot of improvement with upset stomach etc... It is expensive but for me it was worth...
  2. plaquenil is the brand name

    I'm responding to my response, all medications have inactive and active ingredients. The active ingredients are the ones we want and the inactive just help our body absorb the active ones. But some...
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    Hi! Just found this site

    I was doing a search to find out more about this incredibly nasty rash that popped out last week and I came upon this website. In some ways I feel very fortunate that my lupus isn't any worse than...
  4. plaquenil is the brand name

    A friend who is a pharmacist said that generics can use different inactive ingredients and that can affect absorption and efficacy in some people due to the fact that we all have minor differences in...
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