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    Kidney PAIN

    Can anyone relate or shed some light on this? So I had gone to the docs in October for what I thought was just a random case of UTI. It hurt to pee and my kidneys hurt. They gave me a regular...
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    Hospital visit and terrible FLARE!!!

    Hey everyone. It's me again. So Sunday morning I woke up to terrible trembling and vomiting and pain in every joint and extreme fatigue where I'd fall asleep every time I'd blink. My heart felt like...
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    COLD and NUMB toes! :(

    So i have been concerned about my little feet. they are ALWAYS cold and my toes turn purple at times, sometimes even my whole foot. Most of the time i cannot feel my little toe. i try to get the...
  4. i appreciate the supportive and informative...

    i appreciate the supportive and informative replies. I have been trying to find out as much as i can about what i am dealing with. its been about two years since my treatment began, and i have had so...
  5. Well the doctor I was seeing seemed very...

    Well the doctor I was seeing seemed very unconcerned about new issues I was feeling . I felt the dosage wasn't right. I had to wait forever to see the doctor and she just brushed off what I was...
  6. New here! Hopefully this will do me some good.

    Hello all. My name is Alice and I have been off Plaquenil for three months out of anger.... And of course my body is hurting terribly and I have had increasigly worse chest pains. The stress doesn't...
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