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  1. Do you plan to go on with your writing as part of...

    Do you plan to go on with your writing as part of a career?

    They keep testing me for fibro, and I don't have it.

    My mainstay is placquenil. When I have a flare up, I go on Prednisone for...
  2. You dear girl!

    That's a load of diagnoses for one so young! Well, I'll say this...You certainly show no signs of Aspergers in your very social and empathic writing.

    I appreciate the idea about a sleeping...
  3. Thanks

    You're a wise 17 year old. Sorry you have to deal with lupus at your age. I also find that B Complex helps, but only sometimes. I'm having trouble getting rest. Hard to sleep when things hurt. ...
  4. sooo....what helps?

    Thanks for the great welcome! Is there anything in particular that you've found that helps with the fatigue? the brain fog?
  5. New to site~~chronic brain fog, fatigue & pain.

    Hi Everyone. I've had Lupus for about 5 years, and other than an occasional brief flare up, I'm dealing with the chronic leftovers.... I want to badly to feel normal at least for awhile. But I'm...
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