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  1. looking for new rheumie in pinellas county , fl

    anybody know of one other than Antony sankoorkial in Clearwater, FL?
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    Dear Elizabeth

    Dear Elizabeth, I am a newbie too. Best wishes sweet baby. Let us know who it turns out. Sher
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    thank you everyone

    I have stopped eating regularly for a while cause i'm either exhausted or don't care (depression). I know I have to keep intaking some source of protein so I will continue with that. What I was...
  4. thank you so much

    thank you to everyone who has replied and to the ones who read and simpathizezed (sp?) cant spell anymore. I used to be a successful commercial architect for 20 + years. Now I am sickly waitng on...
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    weight gain? what causes it?

    Why do I hear so much about weight gain? Is it innevitable? The meds? The fact that I'm too blankin sick to move? sher:skeptical:
  6. thanks rob

    Thanks Rob, your reply really does help me not to feel alone. Sher
  7. Nobody to talk to, have to stay "positive"

    Well I'm positive I have nobody to talk to. I'm positive that my hub hates that I'm sick. I'm positive that new doc here in FL is not as good as my doc
    in Cali, but can't go back. I'm posiitive that...
  8. Newly diagnosed and freaked, severe hair loss

    Can anyone tell me if there is any shot for severe hair loss? I take lots of bioten every day, stopped the mxt for a while (doc said to) and it keeps falling out in clumps. Sher
  9. looking for support group in Pinnelas County, Florida

    Does anyone know of a support group in Pinellas County, Florida?
    Thanks, Sher
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