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    Last month I didn't get mine and this month its not what I am used to having but something I want to talk to my doctor about, but I still have two weeks to go to see him. I called my regular doctors...
  2. Thank you all..

    Thank you for so much advice. ITs so nice to know I am not alone. I just can't believe how fast this has taken hold of me and how somedays I feel like I am dying or atleast feel that I am just no...
  3. I am so sick and so tired of being SICK AND TIRED

    I needed a place to vent. I am sick again. I went one week with no fever and no pain and now my temp is 103.3 and every joint I have hurts. I cant' function like this!! I cannot take care of my...
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    Pain and how to live with it?

    I have been wondering what other people are doing to exist with the pain ? I have been in such pain for two days.. my joints are hurting so badly and nothing I have taken seems to help me. My fever...
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    Have some questions

    I was wondering how much Lupus will effect my periods? Last month I didn't get one and the only times that has ever happened were the three times I was pregnant so I really took notice. This month...
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    You broke my heart

    I spent a lot of time reading posts before being able to join and your post has left me feeling so scared for you and thinking about you all day long. I can't imagine what life is like for you and...
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    Introduction of myself

    For a few months I was very sick. My temp had gone to 104.3 which put me in the ER for spinal taps, x-rays, countless blood tests and all of which showed nothing. They sent me home where I finally...
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