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  1. Had no idea there was a short supply of lupus...

    Had no idea there was a short supply of lupus groups in Australia (I have family in Melbourne & Sydney--lovely country). Hope to validate my study internationally once I validate it in the states....
  2. Thank you!

    Thank you so much! Really appreciate the warm welcome and all the help. It took 7 years for the doctors to finalize my lupus diagnosis, good luck and wishes for good health. Don't worry about...
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    Lupus Study by PhD student-- PLEASE help

    Do you have LUPUS and would like to contribute to research on this disease? A graduate student pursuing a doctoral degree in clinical psychology needs your help!

    Adults who have been diagnosed...
  4. PhD student research lupus....b/c I have it too.

    Hello Everyone!

    I'm new and still learning my way around. I am a 31 y/o from Northern California and a final year PhD student studying Clinical Health Psychology. I'm a former board member of the...
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