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  1. Thread: Hi Saysousie

    by juanerd

    Thanks Tons/Recent Flare

    Hi Saysousie,

    That was a very informative reply and it makes me think for the moment, "No wonder!" Awhile back during a heatwave here in Sn Mateo I got nailed by a flare and it laid me out flat. ...
  2. Thread: Hi Saysousie

    by juanerd

    Hi Saysousie

    Hope all's well with you today. I have been laid out since a flare which occured over a month back. My sed rate is currently way up (70), RBC count very low etc and my strength very limited.

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    Hang tough

    Hi Idlerey,

    Sorry to hear and feel of your frustrations. "This too Shall Pass!" is very appropo when dealing with this condition. I crossed the threshold to SLE from DLE in January and it has...
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    Questions for the rheumy

    Hi Saysousie or anyone,

    I have confirmed my appointment this Friday with the rheumatologist and was just wondering Saysousie if you could let me know what questions to ask of the doctor. Of...
  5. Thread: Thanx

    by juanerd


    Couldn't have learned this much this quick without you Say sousie.

  6. Thank You Again!

    Hi SSousie,

    Geez, tha was alot of great information all of which I copied and pasted to my Word program and then printed for further study. It says it all for me and I have a follow-up visit with...
  7. Tests/Not sure if I even Have the Disease Sometimes

    Hi Saysousie,

    Further to my email yesterday, I could not find the section on this site that focuses on the tests which are conducted for SLE. My wife and friends believe that my level of denial...
  8. Thank You!

    Saysousie you said it all just there. I guess that answers my smokers question. Will quit effective immediately! As far as the ANA is concerned, after reading your advice I will keep away from...
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    Welcome John

    Hi John,

    Sorry to hear of your ailments. Have you ruled out all manner of things cardiovascular? Had an EKG?

    In any case wish your mum well for us from here outside of San Francisco. If...
  10. Thank you History!

    Thanks History. It's good to know that you also love history! I like history so much I swear I have lived past lives. Kind of kidding there. I just posted and forgot to thank you personally for...
  11. Thread: Med Questions?

    by juanerd

    Med Questions?

    Hi All,

    Regarding Methotrexate. Since I was diagnosed in February with SLE-my Discoid went inwards so to speak, I was given methotrexate. The drug has helped my numbers but at a significant...
  12. Thank You Kindly!

    Hi Saysousie and Teriod,

    I can't thank you both enough for giving me more information in two days than I seemingly have received from my doctors (in laymen's terms) in the past 6 months. ...
  13. Hi Teriod, Thanks tons for the reply. I have...

    Hi Teriod, Thanks tons for the reply. I have been operating pretty much solo and its great to know guys out there like yourself going through the same thing. I am sorry to hear about your kidneys...
  14. I am Also New and Don't Know Whats Going On (???!!!)

    Hi my name is John am 47 years old, live in Millbrae, California and recently my Discoid Lupus turned SLE. I was always under the impression that SLE was a womens disease and as such my denial...
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