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    High BP,TIA'S and Lupus

    :shock: Sunday p.m. my bp spiked up to stroke level. I have TIA's and am on coumadin and bp meds and norvasc and atenol. So I was really scared. Today is my second day of my increased meds. Finally...
  2. You aren't alone

    :morning: You are among friends who do understand what you are going through. Been there, still there. This helped me get the courage to
    speak out and not feel like i'm a freak. Our friends and...
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    You've made me very feel welcome !

    :D I want to thank you and for your replies! It helped me out aolt. For all you other newbies- jump right in and join! you'll be glad you did! It's get to be able to have an enlightening...
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    Another newbie with lupus

    :oops: Here I didn't know how many of us there were,till I got on the net.
    I"m a grandma that found out after all these yrs. what was causing me all my pains and problems. Knew it wasn't in my head...
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