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    Central CA Support Groups?

    Do you have any leads on Support Groups in the Central CA area? I asked my Hemotologist/Oncologist and he was not aware of any. I saw a flier in my Rhuemy's office. When I called the #...
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    Proper Introduction

    I just realized that my previous (first) post wasn't an introduction. I just jumped into my own quest and I wasn't very cordial at all. So, introduction...
    I am a 41 yo, married, mother of 2...
  3. Thanks for the info

    Thank you for the info. All of this is so technical and difficult to absorb. But, I assume with time I will become an expert on my condition. Educating myself gives me some sense of empowerment. ...
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    I had the exact same symptom and wound up in the...

    I had the exact same symptom and wound up in the critical care unit of my local hospital with a severe pulmonary embolism. I would take any type of chest pain or shortnesss of breath very seriously....
  5. Anyone out there with Lupus and MTHFR Genetic Mutation?

    I have never used an internet forum before. I thought this might be the best way to connect with other people who have been diagnosed with lupus and lupus related maladies. I have found you just...
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