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  1. Convinced I have Lupus

    Have you tried going to an Arthritis Center? I see a Rheume at an Arthritis Center and they are SO understanding with all my symptoms. Never have looked down on me, or thought it was in my head, I...
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    I am fairly new to this website and have read several posts, but yours captured my heart. Please know my prayers are with you. Please do not stop writing. You have such a unique way of expressing...
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    Another question re: Plaquenil

    As I read more of your comments about plaquenil, I have more questions. As I said in an earlier Post, My pain and weakness virtually went away in the first 3 months on Plaquenil, then I had a huge...
  4. Itching from Plaquenil

    I had a Dr. appt. since posting, and actually had a REAL intching "flare" while in her office, so she saw firsthand what I have experienced for three months, and immediately took me off the plaquenil...
  5. I'm new -- with a question regarding Plaquenil..

    I have been taking it for 6 months, when I was diagnosed..and something has made me itch. I have no rash, & itch at odd times, for no apparant reason, and stops after 5 minutes. I have brought it...
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