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    Thanks for the follow up, never smoked so not...

    Thanks for the follow up, never smoked so not worried about that. Just wondering how to get the count back up.
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    Red blood and hemo. dropping

    Recently, my red blood cell and hemoglobin have been dropping. DX about 1.5 years ago and been fairly healthy. Lately, my arms and legs weigh a ton and I am dizzy and fatigued. Went to Rheumy...
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    Made it to Europe

    Made it to Switzerland, and I must Switzerland is so.....boring. (Sorry to all the Swiss out there). Don't get me wrong, the Alps are beautiful, but I am holed up in Lugano after a day in Zurich...
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    I guess I better say hello (and thank you)

    I already post all my worrisome/initial shock comments in the Newly Diagnosed forum.

    I just want to say hello. Again, I am a recently diagnosed male from Michigan. I was finally diagnosed at age...
  5. it helps a lot! Thank you

    it helps a lot! Thank you
  6. Can someone with Bedside manner please help explain these blood tests

    Since this group has been so much more helpful than my (former) rheumy, can someone please help explain these blood tests. Yes, I know I have Lupus, but wondering if I should start freaking out, as...
  7. Thank you all

    I appreciate all the feedback. It is funny but since the diagnosis I have felt more tired and more depressed. Other than that, physically, I feel the same as I did before getting the phone call. I...
  8. One other question-supposed to go to Switzerland...

    One other question-supposed to go to Switzerland next month for business-should I cancel? I haven't told work yet.
  9. Diagnosed Yesteday-So many questions and so nervous

    So glad to find an active forum like this-

    Quick Background-
    35 YO Male, married with three year old son that just bought a new house in Michigan. I am the primary bread winner, although my wife...
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