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    Sticky: I live in Northern Mississippi. None of the...

    I live in Northern Mississippi. None of the rhuematologists in Tupelo would even agree to see me when my PCP tried to refer me. She got me in with a new rhuemy in Oxford, MS named Dr. Eddleman. He is...
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    Mother and daughter both have Lupus

    I have been treated for Lupus now for 2 1/2 years. I recently took my 15 yo daughter to her PCP with her complaints of severe foot pain (lasting 1 month) and nose sores that will not heal or go away....
  3. Mom with Lupus and teen daughter just had positive ANA

    Hello All!
    I have had Lupus now for 2 years and just recently had to add Prednisone and Mobic to my daily pill regimin. My 15 yo daughter began exibiting signs/symptons so I took her to her PCP and...
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