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  1. possible answer for John and other guitar players

    Hi, I am not a professional guitar player but I have played my share of musical instruments over the years: trumpet, coronet, baritone, acoustic and electric guitar. Yamaha has come up with a guitar...
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    My General Practioner helped more then Rheumy did

    Hi Everyone, I have been to so many doctors, treatments, clinics and hospitals I lost count. What I did not lose count of was which doctors helped me the most as my time with Lupus and Ra increased....
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    my aunt has lupus another aunt has RA

    Hi Everyone,
    I was invited to do a Lupus genetic study for Minnesota University. They took blood samples and compared them. And they did let us know when the study was finished. I had to answer alot...
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    lupus and RA I have both

    Hi everyone I am new here but I am not new to lupus or RA. They have been my faithful companions since I was 9 years old. I will be 49 the end of the month. Unfortunately they did not diagnose or...
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