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  1. Thanks

    Thank you so much for taking the time and letting me know all that info !

  2. ok....thanks

    Well i will look into where the nearest office is because i live in a college town and all obviously and there isn't a lot here.....i was just afraid they wouldn't because they might think "well if...
  3. Questions....about disability and such...

    HI -

    I just joined the forum and think you are all great. Like i said in my intro i have a 7 yr old daughter that her father is refusing to pay child support, we have been in court for 2...
  4. I am also Forgetful

    Hi -

    It doesnt seem to be as bad for me as the stories i read and i hope it doesnt get worse, but what is really bad is me trying to finish my bachelors degree and at test and other times not...
  5. Replies

    Hi Everyone, Great to find you !

    Hi -

    My name is Jen or Jennifer, whichever you prefer, most call me Jen.....I "finally" got diagnosed with Lupus after years of mis-diagnosis this last January. I have a great rheumo i see about...
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