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  1. Lupus & Crohn's disease come together usually?

    Hello everyone. Just got home from a weeks vacation to Colorado. While in Colorado, started having severe digestive problems, and when I got home, had to go to the ER because of blood, cramps and...
  2. reply to those who answered me about lymph nodes

    thanks for your replies, it eased my mind. The lymph nodes don't bother me that much, the constant fever is what is getting to me! I sweat constantly, and it doesn't help that fall hasn't arrived...
  3. Question?? need someone to answer--about lymph nodes

    My ANA test was 1:160, and am waiting to get in to see a specialist at the end of the month.

    I have had a constant fever, and my lymph node on left side of neck just below jaw is getting more...
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    I have a fever constantly, help

    Is this common with Lupus? I am waiting for my apt with specialist at the end of the month, all I know is my ANA was positive at 160, is this high? and I have had a fever for over 3 months running...
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    Hello from Alabama, newbie

    Hello, I just found out that my ANA blood test was positive and high. My internist referred me to a neurologist, I reckon because I have severe migraines and back problems.

    I have alot of the...
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    I am originally from Colorado Spgs, lived in colorado most of my life, but am in alabama now. Just wanted to say hello. :) My brother lives in Granby, and we are going to visit end of sept. I hope...
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    seeing a rheumatologist vs. a neurologist

    Ya'll, I reckon he is sending me to a neurologist because of my back history, and severe migraines. You know how these doctor's are, I imagine I will see several specialists before it's all said and...
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    hello all, new to board

    I am new to the board. I have had a low-grade fever for several months and swollen lymph nodes, and a rash and swelling around my eyes.

    I saw an internist 2 weeks ago who did a blood test, and my...
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