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    Well, my stepson just got suspended AGAIN! I don't want to give up hope but sometimes I'm at the point where I just don't really care :/ I'm at the point where I CANT care. How are things on your end?
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    just wanted to say HELLOOOOO!!!! I haven't seen you on here in a long while. I hope you are well and the new apt is still good and the boyfriends hands have all healed up.
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    How are you feeling these days? Hey i watched stepmom last night so sad with Julia in it. Also i will do the dream translations soon,just feel a bit rough so i have not forgot.xxxx
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    Oh i can see his face now but no name,its gonna drive me mad Thats the film sleeping with the enemy,what a film.And to think people actually live like this in real life,sad.But a fab film.Yes i like all hers,shes fab! Hope you are felling a little better and have had a nice day.Love Amanda.x (I watched Phenomenon yesterday with John Travolta..he's delish).xxxx
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    Im glad you havent seen him and hope he's gone soon so you can get some peace.Let me know what the doctor says and hope your pressure gets better soon.I understand the stress me too,but keep getting up and do 1 thing nice just for you,me today gonna av a bubble bath.Oh yes me too,i like all her films.Remeber that one where she was married to that scary man who put the tins in perfect order and the towel straight,omg so scary but so good.Yes i watched pretty woman it was good and took my mind off things.Maybe you watch one of her films.You take care.Love Amanda.xxxx
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    How is your neighbour lately? Is he out yet and you got some peace? Hope youre resting.xxxxxxx
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    Thinking of you n sending you hugs.Love Amanda.xxxxxxx
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    Hope all is well. hugs kathy
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    Giving you a big (((((((hug))))))) my friend Kathy
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    Hello and how are you ...hope weekend was good for you.The doc just said keep taking the Celebrex till i see the rheumi.Have to get cholestrol checked with my brother on thursday and get results in a couple of weeks.She was nice .I sat in the garden today and relaxed..hope you did too.lots of love Amanda.xxxxxx
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Stupid State Employees at the DMV

by DrinkofWtr on 04-26-2010 at 04:51 PM
Well I sent in my vehicle registration fee to the DMV so that I could get my tags for April 2010 to April 2011 and they sent my check back saying that I didn't owe any moneys for registration. Idiots! I sent them the paperwork that said I was renewing my vehicle registration and sent a copy of my car insurance too to show I was up to date. They sent me a form back that said that my $14 check is not needed as I am not behind in registration. I sent them a check for $141 not $14, the stupid idiots.

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Drs. that Don't Listen

by DrinkofWtr on 01-18-2010 at 06:28 PM
I just would like to shake my boyfriends Workers Compensation doctor and say, "listen to John" when he tells you his hand is weak and he can hardly lift his arm at all. Maybe he can't do anything about it, but, at least, you could listen.

Taking Most of my Security Deposit

by DrinkofWtr on 01-18-2010 at 06:25 PM
Hi Everybody,

I am sick and tired of apartment owners taking all or almost all of my Security Deposit
moneys to renovate their old and delapidated apartments, and expecting me, the tenant, to pay for their window coverings, new carpeting, repainting their apartment (especially when it wasn't primed to begin with) etc. I just wrote a two page letter to an owner demanding that he reimburse me for money he virtually stole from me. I am not going to shrink, like a violet, without

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Drama, drama, drama

by DrinkofWtr on 08-12-2009 at 10:09 AM
Last weekend here in the apartments where I live, it was filled with drama. One of the tenants here threatened to shoot our apartment managers. He is in the process of being evicted for something. Anyway, there was screaming and yelling, etc. and he called our manager a "big fat ass".The police came, etc., but he had split by then. Fortunately, the last couple of days have been peaceful around here. I want to move, but I am "stuck" here right now. Lack of financial resources

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