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  1. I'm doing well. Did more blood work this week with those same needles..same I feel like I need a sling (lol). My arm feels worse than it looks. Otherwise, I am feeling much better. Thank You So Much.
    Have a wonderful weekend!
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    they use those butterfly needle things on me. i guess cuz its childrens hospital? idk. hhha but yeahh my arm is still really bruised. it looks soo bad!!
    how have you been feeling??
  3. aawww....I did blood work last week and my arm is still sore and bruised. They've changed their needles due to the costs and I swear that needle was at least 1/4 thick. So, they save money at the expense of the patients....whatever!!
    I did some research on phonetic paraphasia for you..I hope it answers some questions. I'm glad to hear that you are able to lower your Prednsione and that everything else seems OK. Thinking of You Always
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    yeah. it was today, with my rhematologist anyways. he is lowering my prednisone to 12.5 mg. from 15mg. and he said everything seems okay. he said that the MRI came back and showed there was some inflammation on my brain =\ but he said that the pictures weren't very like...helpful in figuring if this is whats causing my word mix up or what. so we have to schedule a follow up with my neurologist and we're gonna go from there.
    and my arm is SO bruised from my bloodwork. it sucks...
  5. So, how did the appointment go...all better, as good as you get before ya got poked and probed? Spirit and heart feeling better? Squeeze till ya pop.

    I don't feel the Imuran has kicked in yet. I read 6-12 weeks. It has been 3, I think.

    Family came and left. It was fun, stressful with twin 16 year old. Ate, shopped, loafed, swam, laughed, had a few cocktails, watched DVDs..Step Brothers, Chuck and David. I didn't feel swell half the time so I shifted to autopilot. They beached it, aquarium, puttputt golf, theater and ate at Bubba Gump Shrimp House.

    They love my cooking skills, so I stuffed a 14 pound turkey, grilled jumbo shrimp in the shell, BBQ baby back ribs, Fresh Herb Pasta..oh, a Dark Chocolate Cheese Cake...Crepes with fresh pineapple sauce. For the rest of their meals...I said, fend for yourself..

    I was pooped...My husband flew out yesterday at 2PM...I slept for 12 hours last night...with a few quaking wakes. I could go for another round of shut eye..

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    thanks :]
    yeah they are pretty bad.but i manage i guess lol. its all i can do.
    i see my rheumatologist tomorrow so hopefully he'll have my results from my mri :]
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    we should get the results 2morrow morning...hopefully. i got another headache right now :[ so i kinda can't wait for these results. they said i might hahve some like...thing where it like inables your ability to speak correctly, i forget what its called...but its two words and they both start with P. i know one of the words is Paraphasia ...but i'll keep you updated.
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    i'm doing really well. how about yourself? i just had to get a brain MRI today tho blah. but other then that, i'm ayyyy-okay! i just actually got back from Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. the best time of my life!!! it was amazing on so many levels. i'll be posting up pictures
  9. Hi Carlotta, check your PM's when you get a chance.
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    GMN2121 i think the lady's name is...another singer n poet. I had to write this first before i forgot lol.
    How are you today? Hope you are feeling much better today.Love Amanda.xxxxxxx
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I just want to remind everyone that the truth is: No one, but ourselves, has authority over how we feel. In all stressful situations, we have the choice of how we will react to them.

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I know that my health deteriorates each and every year at this time and, intellectually, I have made that

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No matter

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