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  1. Carlotta! Long time no hear! How's everything out your way?
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    Hello Saysusie,
    I don't know if you've seen my post from last week but i've got a Tumour on my liver now collecting blood and when i got there today to see my psychatrist he's come back to work and i was pleased he's had an update on what's going on with me and does'nt want me to wait to see the rheumo but to phone the hospital to start me on Anti-cancer medication, because of the Tumour and how my skin is he said things are progressing to quickly and my autoimmune diseases need surpressing to slow them down.

    Hugs Terri xxx
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    Hi Saysusie,

    I forgot to answer you question about prednisone yes it is the tablet form of Mepacrine.

    I phoned the doctor's this morning about my scan results the doctor wants to see me, so i'm booked in for 10-20am in the morning but i've printed everything out about (Gord) as i think that's what my trouble is also. xxxxxxxx
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    Hi Saysusie,
    I'm very impressed with the knowledge you have on lupus. I was diagnosed with lupus, fibro and epstien barr 10 months ago, I am now taking plaquenil, cymbalta, naproxen, vitamin D, and otc eye drops for my dry eyes. My question today: this is the second time that my vision becomes hazy and very dry to the point where my vision is blurred and my forhead hurts really bad. What does this all mean?? What do you recommend for to read or sites to go to to learn more on lupus.
    Oh, when I wake up this morning I felt like I didn't even sleep. I have other things I'm experiencing, but I'm most concerned about my vision. Any bit of information would help.
    To be honest with you I feel and don't know if this is really real, I can't accept this. My husband told me to stay home from work tomorrow, my response was, "I am not going to fall weak to this disease.
    Well thank you for your time, hope you're doing well. Bertie
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    Hi Saysusie,
    The tablet is prednisone and yes it does carry some side affects but he's running loads of bloods first to see if they'll match up to the medication plus he's checking both tablets against my meds i take now and i'll be seeing him in 3wks time.
    Saysusie if you was chatting with him he knows the dermo field and rheumo but how they specialize for one field he must have choosen dermo he's a brillaint doctor. At the moment i'm worried my calfs swelling on my right leg like when i had the DVT and when i went for the blood test the nurse had to pressure my arm to get the blood out.

    I'm just sick and tied of the lot now besides wakening at 5 or 6am with spasms. Hugs & kisses to you mate xxxxxxxx
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    Hi Saysusie,

    Thanks for the welcome. From TX.
    Rob Hope all is well on your side.
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    Hello Saysusie,

    I saw my dermo yesterday and he's running all bloods again and he's disgusted with rheumo leaving the amount of time to see me with the sytemic lupus but myskins gone past steroid creams now, he's offered me tablet form which is a last resort, as they do carry some severe side affects, i've done a thread on them.
    I hope your day is a better one for you and disney land was nice. Hugs to you always xxxxxxxx
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    Hi Saysusie,

    Well it's nice to hear you feel abit better, it's nice in general when you hear it off anyone one of us are and who's a lucky woman Disneyland, well i hope that gives you a lovely break and it enjoy it mate.

    I'm the same as usual but got more skin problems and just noticed this morning on my leg got another rash coming the one identical to ringworm, it's a good job i see my dermo this week.

    Well enjoy your break mate and lovely to hear off you. Hugs Terri xxx
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    Hello Saysusie,

    I hope your keeping fine and pain free, enjoy your weekend and i hope it's a nice one for you.

    Terri xxx
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    Saysusie, we all need some cheering up at times and your welcome. xxx
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I just want to remind everyone that the truth is: No one, but ourselves, has authority over how we feel. In all stressful situations, we have the choice of how we will react to them.

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I know that my health deteriorates each and every year at this time and, intellectually, I have made that

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No matter

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