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  1. Rob,
    (This is a continuation of the last message)
    Are you also a Dr. Who fan? We've been watching it since the '70s and it just gets better and better. We miss the spin-off, Torchwood.
    In a few minutes, we're going to enjoy the season-ender of Sanctuary, then we'll switch over to watch Numb3rs.
    We are total, hopeless nerds, right?
  2. Rob,
    I read somewhere that the actors for Avatar were signed on for a total of three films. I sure hope that is right, but it will be very hard to top the first one. It will be fun to see what James Cameron comes up with next time. I caught him on Oprah today. He hinted that there will be a next film. His CGI folks took a picture of Oprah and made her into an Avatar character. She was very taken with it, and he invited her to use that character and come act in the next film. Now if he could do the same with Whoopie Goldberg, things could really get interesting!
    I've heard about the BSG film. If it's going to be based on the original series, it should be a hoot to watch. I've also heard about the next Star Trek film. I think that it is due out in 2011. We've been watching John Cho in Flash Forward. Have you been watching that series? It really draws you in.
  3. Howdy,

    I loved Avatar. An absolutely awesome film. I'm about as military as anyone, and I found nothing offensive, or anything "slamming" the military at all. I think some people take some things way too seriously, and they don't seem to be able to grasp the simple fact that it's fiction, it's just a movie. Anyway, Carlotta and I were talking about the possibility of a sequel. James Cameron has consistently made sequels that in my opinion are better than the first movie. Aliens, and Terminator 2 come to mind.

    Have you heard that there is a new theatrical Battlestar Galactica movie being made? It's based on the original series from the 70's, not the new BSG. I've seen some concept drawings of various ships and characters, and it looks really cool. And, I read that the Star Trek sequel goes into production later this year. It's a sci-fi goldmine as of late. So many really good quality shows and movies. Very cool!

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    I can only image that the poor girl is ready to go and be a mommy. like my mom says, all good things worth having are worth waiting for.
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    is your new grandbaby here? how are you? how'd Jeff do in school this semester?
  6. Rob,
    Yes, and I recently read an article about "the making of". It looks like it will be a pretty exciting one. Jeff will finish his exams on Wednesday, and we'll actually have a couple of weeks to ourselves before we fly out to see the new grandson, so we'll probably catch a couple of movies. I think that Avatar will be on the top of his list.
  7. Hi Marla,

    As a fellow Scifi geek, I was wondering if you have seen the trailer for the new James Cameron flick "Avatar"? Looks pretty cool to me. What do you think?

  8. ISDM,
    Yes, my college degrees are in Latin and ancient Greek. That's where I got Magistramarla - magistra is the feminine form of the Latin word for teacher. I taught Latin in a large public school for the last seven years.
    You will like this story - Jeff and I took Greek together in college. When he went home to NY for the summer, he wrote to me. My mother, who was very abusive to me, would read my mail. We solved it by writing to each other in Greek! It made her so mad! She couldn't figure out what that boy was saying to me! My excuse was that we had to practice our vocabulary before the next semester started.
    Vale, amica mea,
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    Hello hope your well?
    i dint know you could speak latin? ive always wanted to learn latin, my dad used to speak to me in latin when i was younger, its such a beautiful language xx
  10. Rob,
    We're almost settled in. We just have a few boxes left to unpack, and a bit of organizing to do. This is a three day weekend for Jeff, so maybe we'll finish. Jeff has been a nervous wreck, but he's finally getting used to being a full-time student again. It has him working very hard - 4 classes and a seminar for PHD candidates.
    I'm just trying to get used to seeing that breathtaking bay every day. I saw a cruise ship anchored in the bay two days ago. It is quite a thrill for this old Midwestern farm girl.
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