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    I want to say so much, but I am limited on time right now for family reasons, so I want you to know I WILL msg MORE as soon as I can. I WISH I could HELP Deannas "mind set"...ONLY SHE can do that...To be opposite in "that" way does make things MORE DIFFICULT...AND, Menopause, UGH, ME TOO and Im going to be 41 in September...It starts in our 30s in my family..Can she go to a dr that specializes in ONLY treatments that are natural for it? I know some insurance wont cover it and it is expensive...I know I said it before, BUT,how she eats, exercise and MAKING herself FIND what CAN make her feel better (a bit at least) MATTERS.
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    Oh Craig, You are too funny! LOL You made me laugh! I read your PM and I too was "lost" on WHL when I first joined! It took me a while before I "learned the ropes"...THEN, they went and updated some things one time, so then I had to figure things out all over again! LOL I also am not on the computer much. I am old fashioned...I like things simple I guess you could say...Too much technology interfearing with our "one with nature" is how I feel...Carl says I should have been born during the days of "Little House on the Praire"! LOL I agree!
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    Dont start reading the top paragraphs! LOL THIS is out of order, LOL... START at the bottom paragraph first or this will make no sense! LOL
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    My body (arthritis) can hurt later because of it BUT it hurts WORSE if I dont move and do it. I just rest MORE if I need to. Turn on those shows to get my head into something else. I truly want to HELP if I can Craig. Dont worry about how I am doing right now, Im ok. I want to focus on YOU and DEANNA. YOU NEED HELP. YOU have SAID IT and I HEAR IT in you. It DOESNT have to be this way for the 2 of you. PLEASE let me know how your lives are day to day, waht she does/doesnt do anymore. Maybe I can HELP. I REALLY HOPE I CAN. PLEASE TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF TOO CRAIG...YOU are only human.. Love and hugs, Jeannette
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    Deanna HAS TO CHANGE with what her life is NOW. THAT IS HERS and YOUR NEW REALITY. SHE cant focus on the past or how there is no being cured as of today. Does she read? I have always read BUT now I read MORE. I also have books on Meditation and "Zen Living"...IT HELPS ME. Does she eat well or do any type of exercising? YES, I said exercising. It is CRUCIAL for her to do so. And STRETCHING after. I CANT DO NEARLY what I used to, BUT, I STILL do what I can. I cant go to the gym or walk in the sun or even go outside because of our bad air quality..SO, I have a treadmill and some small hand weights. I do it when I can and if my body CANT, i listen to it and I dont that day. I stretch after my walk and I have a "high" at least for a little bit.
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    I cant think about how I used to be in the heart of it all gardening. THAT will get me nowhere but UPSET. THAT is MY MIND SET. IT HAS TO BE. I also am in my lazy boy chair EVERY DAY at some point (most of the day) because thats how often I am feeling BAD. So, Carl set up our TV to have "Netflix", "Amazon TV" and some other sites on it for me to have MANY OPTIONS to watch whatever I am in the mood for. I used to not watch much TV because I used to be a VERY BUSY "go getter" in one way or another. BUT, THAT was the old me, I HAD TO CHANGE. I used to think those housewives reality shows were "cheezy", LOL, But I like them now! It takes me into their so idiotic world of what THEY think is rough/dramatic it makes me laugh! It makes me NOT FOCUS on HOW BAD my body feels.
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    She has to appreciate those few good days/moments she DOES have. I GET IT , believe me, I am in THAT boat. I am telling you WHAT I have done and HOW I have made MY LIFE tolerable when I tell you these things Craig. It IS easy to "say" than to "do", BUT, I AM THAT PERSON that is living "it"and DOING "it" every day as well. Thats whats GREAT about WHL, we are all in the same boat in one way or another. YOU are IN THAT BOAT with DEANNA Craig. Is she on antidepressants? If she is, then its time to try a new one maybe. It has helped me TREMENDOUSLY through so much. Does she have any new hobbies that make her "happy/feel good"? I had to give up almost ALL of what I used to do. Was this VERY hard for me, yes, but ,it CAN be OK. I found new ones. Carl set up the back yard for all the little creatures we have around to gather every day for me to watch. I have binoculars and bird books and it WARMS me to watch nature.
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    She is not the same Deanna as before. IT is the TRUTH. It stinks BUT I always say "it is what it is". I tell my kids "change what is WITHIN YOUR POWER to change and what isnt, then, YOU DO THE BEST YOU CAN with it. She has more "power" than she realizes. SHE CANT tell herself she hates life or (this sounds harsh but its speaking from my own experiences) dwell on what her life has become. SHE has to have a different mind set. Our minds are more powerful than we realize in helping us with our health. Dont get me wrong, Im not feeling the right mind set EVERY day myself, BUT, I allow myself "moments" to have a "pitty party", BUT, then I move on. I HAVE to move on for MYSELF as well as my loved ones. She has to tell herself she HAS to ADJUST to her life beign turned upside down. SHE has to find ways to make her life as "tolerable" as possible.
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    OMG Graig I am SO SORRY to hear about how things have been for YOU and DEANNA. And NEVER be "sorry" for "venting" because that is what YOU NEED. WE ARE HERE for THAT very reason.YOU ARE HUMAN. If theres one thing Ive learned from these horrible diseases its THEY AFFECT EVERYONE the sick person loves and has in their life. ESPECIALLY spouses and children. The ones they live with and are closest to. When someone is sick, everyone they love is sick as well. It CHANGES everyones lives in many ways. Unfortunately there is NO MIRACLE cure for Lupus (yet). THIS is a realization the two of you HAVE to realize. Im not saying dont have HOPE, BUT, YOu have to change your mind set if you are going to make it through each day.
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    OMG! I saw you popped in at my "profile" page and I thought,"OMG! I havent heard from Craig in a while!!! I remember telling my husband Carl about you two and how SWEET your story was. ASIDE from the obvious "BAD" parts about being sick in the first place!Hows your wife? How are YOU? I hope as good as can be expected...... Any NEW news? GOOD news? Hope so! Please let me know if you can and if you WANT to! LOL THINKING of YOU and YOUR WIFE! Love and Hugs, Jeannette
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