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    Ah welcome back.So glad you are doing well and great news about your son.Im off to bed now so goodnight.Love Amanda.xxxx
  2. Hi Oluwa, I am fairing well, still just as busy as ever. How are you doing? What's going on in the garden?
  3. Wondering how you are? Hugs and Love, Oluwa
  4. Hi you...My Mom mixed the two condiments. I usually add a tablespoon of mustard to the mayo.

    Times I wish I worked, but I am so afraid to start again, fearing I would not be reliable. IT is so unpredictable. Like last night..such a horrible night of I am exhausted and swollen this A.M. Took Lortab for the pain and a Lasix for the edema. My fingers look like a pack of Ball Park Franks and my head looks like a balloon with hair...egads.

    Are you taking any antibiotics? Could make you more sensitive to the sun. Make sure your sun lotion has one from each category.. Sunscreens for UVA Octinoxate Octisalate Oxybenzone Benzophenone or Menthyl Anthranitate. For Sunblocks for UVB...Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxide or Zinc Oxide.

    Enjoy the weekend and find time for you too in your workday. Love and hugs...Oluwa
  5. okay, potatoe salad- yes, we add sweet relish and people make two different types: mayonnaise and mustard. I prefer mustard

    Yeah, down here in the South we like fried everything but trying to get away from it because it is not the best for you but boy does it taste great going down.

    Here lately, I have been trying to stay cool and out of this record temps of 104, 105. makes it feel like someone has a match to my skin. I bumped my spf to 85. So not getting much out doors right now.

    I am glad that IT has taken been treating you better and allowing you to do more. I visited your photos and the flowers are beautiful. I wish I had a garden to be able to do something like that. I have been so tired, from working more hours, that I haven't even been cooking or trying any new recipes. But, I thank GOD that he has been sustainig me to be able to work.

    Take care and I'll be checking in with you later...... Hugs and Love to you my dear friend!
  6. Hi PIP...

    Spud salad, is just my potato salad. Nothing special. Eggs and some good Russets spuds. Texas don't they add sweet relish to the dish? or was it just my friends Mom's extra flavoring...

    While there I learned how to make fried chicken and lemon pound cake from his Mom when I was about 18. While little we only ate whole bake chickens. For our large family my Mom would bake 3 - 4 birds..

    Ever since my Texas trip..30 years ago when I have fried chicken it is with hot sauce. Red Hot...

    And how was you day...Sleep well..Love and hugs..Oluwa
  7. Yes, that is me,thanks for the compliment. I was finally able to add a pic, I am still trying to sort much of this tech stuff.

    I am going to head over and check out your pics. I knew you'd be doing something in the garden as long as IT was kind to you.

    Texas (Houston) as been hot and no rain. When I am leaving work and walking to my car it feels like someone has a lighter to my skin. I have started carrying sun block in my purse. My windows have dark tint so that helps.

    My cousin is having a party on the 4th so I'll be attending that. I will spend most of the time inside or under the canopy. What's spud salad? You know I'm always up for new recipes and you usually have good ones.
  8. Is that you, Monica. You are so gorgeous! What a beautiful smile..hugs. I always envisioned you to be beautiful, like your words..

    Happy Friday.. of late, I'm just watching it grow. I may have some new snaps on my profile page, check 'em out. The snap with butterflies for a hat/wig, that is me. Maybe on page 2 of my profile page.

    Been having stormy weather in Texas? Here our storms left, now it is suppose to be in the triple digits. Swim time as I haven't swam since Monday.

    Plans for the 4th? We may attend the local town festivities or just shoot of a few snap, crackle and pops off our lawn, grill a chunk of beef. My husband loves my spud salad, so, I'll whip him up a vat of it. Swim.

    Lupus has been kind, I started to paint the interior of my home again. It has been on hold since we built it. I did do the upstairs 3 years ago. Now for the down. Slow, but I have a lifetime. Hopefully the color trend won't change by the time I am done.

  9. Hey you! How goes life? Love and hugs, Oluwa
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    Rastagirl was here!
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