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    My boyfriend has been acting like a complete jerk.
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    Lately everything sucks and I am just drained. Mostly my own fault. But Im not looking forward to throwing my legs into the pit next week when I have to walk all around campus, not just my little school.
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    The caffeine usually helps my headaches, though I dont usually drink a lot of it. I take excedrin which has it in it, but it hasn't been helping much this week. Rheum said I have active inflammation which in my opinion must be in my brain (joking lol) because my head is the only thing thats hurting at all.
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    I always get sick from my boyfriend too. I went to lunch with my friend today which was nice. I've had a headache for DAYSSS. It wont go away.
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    i was just looking at the whl calendar, 5 sleeps.
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    things are good here. my 22 yo stepdaughter arrives tonight.
    she has recovered from cancer surgery, and is going to live with us for a while.

    so life is great.
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    just dropped by to say hi, andlove the new signature.
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    I'm doing well, except for missing my daughter and new son-in-law something fierce. Sprocket got his puppy shots today and is very punky, and Keeper is going back home to the breeder tonight so it's kind of sad day all around. How are you doing?
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    I see it now. Cool image, but you can't really see her face unless it's bigger. Is there a story behind it?
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About Elo
Hi there, I’m Elo! (No relation to the band E.L.O.) My full name is actually longer, but I go by Elo (rhymes with mellow and Jello), because it's much easier to pronounce and spell. Plus I like it.

I'm a dork. I love goofy humor, drawing, reading, baking (Caution: Does NOT mean I am good at it by any means), this forum, music, singing, and dorky MMO's (Though I’m not on any currently).

I value quiet, I think when you're really comfortable with a person, there are times when there's no need to speak.

I’m much more outgoing online than in person.

I babble when I'm nervous, the smallest things mean the most to me, and i'm quite possibly obsessed with cupcakes.

I got sick in November, 2010, and saw about 4 doctors and had multiple tests taken before being blandly diagnosed with an autoimmune disease / low level connective tissue disorder. Still awaiting a more specific diagnosis, of possible Lupus, MCTD, Sarcoidosis, Fibromyalgia, or a concoction of the few.

Due to minimal funds, and being caught with my pants down without insurance, I still haven’t been properly diagnosed. I’m hoping to remedy that soon – though it may take a while to even get to a specialist. One step at a time though, eh?

In the mean time, I’m just hanging out, bugging the forum goers, and taking it day by day. I’m unemployed – too sick to work, and living with my completely healthy (Thank Gad!) boyfriend, who is currently attending College.

That’s about all there is to it! You can follow me on twitter (yes, I caved and joined because of the Spoonie community) @ai_elo

Thassabout it!
Oh! My Avatar (since so many have asked about it) is an angel, with one black wing, and one white.
Indiana, USA
Baking, Reading, Music, Walking, Animals, Anime, Drawing
Entertaining myself - and sometimes those around me.


One day at a time, one breath at a time... We can get through this.


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Sometimes I think my Librarians know me better than my friends. and walking with cane

by Elo on 08-11-2011 at 05:14 PM
Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever get over being embarrassed while walking with a cane. I know I need to get over myself, but it's just, so... almost mortifying, really. Being seen at such a vulnerable point, when i'm in enough pain and sick enough that i have to use one. I just got back from the library and small grocery, and im still slightly nervous, even though i'm home safe now, away from the public's watchful eye. Today at the library, a man sitting in a chair next to the section i was looking

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