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    Well i'm sorry about your fatigue mate it's terrible all the time and yes i laughed a fare bit but i hope they can sort you out quickly so your more at ease. xxxxxxxxxx
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    Tammy i'll chat with ya later mate off to get me a shower and wash my xxxxxxxx
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    Tammy i laughed alright mate because when the evening comes at these shows out comes the wine and theres a couple who drowned themselves in it and start arguing but we had a meal there on saturday evening, ste said class this as your anniversary meal...i soon told him dream on and we had another meal yesterday before coming back and my baby bruno had beef for his dinner and a jam sponge for afters. (Laughing here mate)

    The sleeping does you good Tam and they was nice you and your other half having a meal but please let me know how your symptoms are because i am concerned.

    Tammy i've pulled off those urine tablets instead of stopping the leakage they've caused more and stopped me going to the toilet less, they're working opposite to what they should be doing. xxxxxxx
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    Hello Tammy,
    Never again mate all weekend, i've woke late this morning my face half paralised off the sjogrens, coping through half a day does me bugger that lark again.
    How you feeling Tammy besides going to work, i mean down below and all the backache mate.

    Love you loads xxxxxxxxx
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    i like dry humour, as it is supposed to make people laugh, not be offensive.
    it is usually so silly.

    as for tamara, thank you so much.
    i will definatelly keep you posted.
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    like any med, panadol takes time to build in your system.
    the recommended dose is 2 tabs 3 x day.

    i know a few people with fibro who take 1 tablet 5/6 x day.
    this reduces the quick hit, but increases the overall dosage in the body.
    talk to your pcp or chemist.

    cymbalta, is good. but i do not like the side effects.
    do you still have irritable bowel. this is the side effect, most people suffer from with cymbalta.
    it also gives some people a high "buzz" when it kicks in.
    i use lexapro as my main antidepressant drug. i use it in the morning.
    i also take a low dosage of endep at night.
    the reason is 2 fold.
    endep helps me a little with sleep.
    endep help boost the effect of lexapro, without giving me the hit.

    i am not saying these will be right for you.
    i am saying talk to your doctor.
    i remember you talking about ibs.
    if this is being caused by cymbalta, then it makes sence to come off of it.
    you need to make a change to find out.
    just an idea that might make life more enjoyable.
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    Hey There,

    I am sorry you are feeling bad. Sometimes it is worth the risk in order to experience life. As for me, I am not even attempting to go. It is going to be about 1-4 with a heat index of 109 and about 115 on the concrete. I learned my lesson on my vacation. I will just stay at home until it is time for the baby shower I am going to. Hope you get to feeling better in time to experience the bluegrass music LOL
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    The rains stopped mate so the cars being cleaned..until it rains again but let him carry on i

    You enjoy your day mate and i really hope your coping ok tammy. xxxxxxxx
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    Good morning Tammy,
    I hope your feeling ok was my friends staff being a mascot today but we ah going it's absolutley lashing it down and refering the rover show, ste's waiting for the weather to hold off abit but besides that woken not to bad this morning for a change.

    Love Terry xxxxxxxx
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    Just saying hello. Hopefully you are getting to feel better. Have a good and pain free weekend
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