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    Tammy i ah dressed yet the home clean the lot and i've just sat with ste outside because it's dull here and not warm or cold so i can bare that..i've just told him i wished that rheumo would listen to the Dermo and ste said face it cock that rheumo knows he can't help you so try your hardest to grin and bare it because when ste asked out of 10 how bad i was they would'nt give him an answer.

    I feel sorry for you mate with it being hot and humid as that's one thing you can do without.

    Thinking of you dearly mate xxxxxxxx
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    Tammy, marla is having the same trouble with her legs and the calfs swelling, it's just so bloody painful and like i've said before my dermo can't treat me being under the rheumo section he knows how bad i am and he's disgusted that he's not seeingme sooner and using stronger drugs besides the sjogrens, that Scleraderma involves such alot of issues besides.
    Some days i'm like you feel mentally worn out with the lot, excepting my seizures and everything whichas happened over the years was enough to break anyone but this on top is totally doing my head in.
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    Morning Tammy,
    It must be terrible sweating but i know how you feel regarding nausea that's terrible but i don't agree with freezing your's why peter disappeared also, it's a good job that blokes so understnanding.
    Dow ask how i am it ah worth it, same as yesterday but legs in a worser state and the pain is pure murder. xxxxx
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    Tammy it would be a laughing episode if you met me because i'm that down to earth and i'm a strong believer in people living their own lives and it's got nothing to do with anyone else.
    I come from parents where what you heard did'nt get repeated and never ask no questions and i'm the same now at 42.

    I'm off to read for abit mate and enjoy your peters company and start putting up black out curtains up to stop noise xxxxxx
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    Tammy when we moved here into our bungalow a woman we'd never met started poking her nose in, thought she was being crafty with the questioning until i told her to mind her bloody own business and i've been here 4yrs and not a words been passed since between us...i just can't stand it.
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    Oh Tammy "Congratulations" mate, if peter seems ok and your happy when your with him...then it should work out.

    Look at how he thinks about you Air conditioner and you know my answer to nosie buggers...sod um, it's got nothing to do with them if you had 10 men running in and out the home all day.

    My next door neighbour is 49 and just met another bloke after two break ups and she's paranoid to bits about the neighbours and i did tell her F.. um it's your life, as my neighbour nows how i feel about people being nosie.
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    Tammy i was every so pleased mate when i read your thread..i said you was worrying for nothing.
    It's been humid here but cooling down abit and breakfast out mate very nice.

    Sod everything and just get some good sleep but you are right about our hormones doing so much to we..i'm having symptoms for when you have a monthly but no blood yet, just got to wait and see. xxxxxxx
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    Ok mate you just get your head's humid here and doing me in ahhhhhhhhh
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    Hi Tammy,
    What am ya'd be worn out if i was up 8 times in the night but i hope your abit better today or are youstill tied mate. Sorry to hear about your daughter going into ER but i hope things go well concerning her baby not long losing one.
    Let me know please Tammy how your appointment goes and hopefully something can be sorted to help you. xxxxxxx
  10. Hi Terry, well I was up about 8 times last night. I had chills and sweats and then found out my pregnant daughter was in ER suspecting ectopic pregnancy after having miscarriage just three months ago. Thank God baby is in uterus. Being watched for appendix issue. Today at 9:45 is my gyno appt. I'll let you know results. Talk to you later. Hugs
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