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    Yes change your attitude but tell him he's got to keep a mile while your suffering like you otherwords not right ontop of ya.
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    Tammy i'm on the tea mate right now, 10 x mate but at least your sweats wore as bad as they have been and lets hope they start you today, sooner the better to help you.

    Your BF is how ste was when he met me, everytime i had a seizure he was crying afterwards but he adjusted slowly, well he'd gfot no bloody choice in the matter but he's concerned about this but holds it in. xxxxxxx
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    Morning Tammy, How you feeling today mate.

    I know you ah well but just ask him to be around and not get all close, surely he'll understand that. xxxx
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    Tammy i am sorry to hear you've been ill more mate since we spoke and the nausea as caused you to vomit...i hope peter is with you keeping an eye on you mate. xxxxxxxxx
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    Hi Tammy,
    Always nice to meet a fellow Christian!
    I see on the news you are experiencing the same wonderfull weather we are in Chicago.
    One thing I have found helpfull is I buy work shirts from Duluth Trading Co. They have built in 50 spf protection,I believe they have some ladies wear,but you might be better off trying Columbia Outerware. My ruhemy offered to write me a letter-as he did for another lupie.
    This women drove a great deal and was trying to get a waiver to allow side tinted windows(chicago doesn't allow out of safety concerns for police making traffic stops) Please take care I know driving when your tired and having trouble staying awake is a terrible feeling.
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    Tammy i'm going off line for abit mate give my eyes a break.

    If you need to rest then rest mate as this heat won't help you one bit.

    Hugs & kisses to you always xoxoxoxox
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    Tammy do you know what hurts me the most he had a gall bladder op main surgery the scare went septic and the garden here had'nt been done it was well over grown, he went out and dug the bloody lot over slabbed it designed it on paper with decking the lot for my wheelchair to get about and i can't even enough enjoy it with him.
    The only time i go out is if it's dull early morning and it's dry just for one cuppa and 2 fags and it cost some right money to do it.
    I've got myself another tower mate high speed on the processor the lot and memory paid for it lastnight. xxxxxxx
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    Tammy i ah dressed yet the home clean the lot and i've just sat with ste outside because it's dull here and not warm or cold so i can bare that..i've just told him i wished that rheumo would listen to the Dermo and ste said face it cock that rheumo knows he can't help you so try your hardest to grin and bare it because when ste asked out of 10 how bad i was they would'nt give him an answer.

    I feel sorry for you mate with it being hot and humid as that's one thing you can do without.

    Thinking of you dearly mate xxxxxxxx
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    Tammy, marla is having the same trouble with her legs and the calfs swelling, it's just so bloody painful and like i've said before my dermo can't treat me being under the rheumo section he knows how bad i am and he's disgusted that he's not seeingme sooner and using stronger drugs besides the sjogrens, that Scleraderma involves such alot of issues besides.
    Some days i'm like you feel mentally worn out with the lot, excepting my seizures and everything whichas happened over the years was enough to break anyone but this on top is totally doing my head in.
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    Morning Tammy,
    It must be terrible sweating but i know how you feel regarding nausea that's terrible but i don't agree with freezing your's why peter disappeared also, it's a good job that blokes so understnanding.
    Dow ask how i am it ah worth it, same as yesterday but legs in a worser state and the pain is pure murder. xxxxx
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