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  1. How's everything in your world today? Sorry I haven't talked much these past couple of days. I've been putting out some proverbial brushfires having to do with the website. Not my favorite thing to do at all.

    Still planning your hike? I want pictures you know!
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    Oh I do hope your daughter gets better soon! There is nothing worse then when a child is ill (whether they are 4 or 40). I am glad that you are there for your grand baby. That has to wear you out but I know you wouldn't have it any other way! Please let me know what happens with your daughter. I will keep my fingers crossed for you
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    Hey There! I see someone is now a BEAR! Growing up aren't ya?
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    Hi Tammy,
    I am sorry to here about your daughter mate i do wish her all the best but she'll be put on fluids but how many bags she's got to have depends on how bad her dyhydration is, i hoping your coping also with how you've been.

    Love to you all mate xxxx
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    ste got it me off ebay and i paid for the tower but he wow refund money so ste's stuck as dispute in on i'll have to see how things go but otherwise it's got 3 fans high speed on the lot i could go mad.

    I hope your days been ok mate, i've been reading and just had my gecko out climbing all over me she'll not been out of her hide for 2 days so was checking on xxx
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    Tammy, i hope your hiking trip goes well with your other half and the sleeps doing you well...lastnightthe back of my mouth felt sore it's only an ulcer never had one before in my life.
    The Tower as got to go back it's faulty and in the meantime ste swapped the memory card that came with the tower i use, he's put back in the one that came with it, as i brought a 2gb memory and it's going fine now, so he's took the other memory back to the shop and they're testing cost me 40.
  7. Good Morning,

    I saw yout message on my page. Yep, I am still working on the big space station model. It's going to be many months before it's complete. Right now, I'm translating the NASA blueprints of the station components into a CAD program on the laptop out in the shop. It's a 3-D design program. This model isn't available in the large scale requested, so I'm building it from scratch.

    My model projects never end. I usually have three or four projects going at once. Some for me, some for others. I have a stock of a couple thousand model kits. Enough to keep me busy for a couple of centuries!

    Tell me about your hiking plans.
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    Tammy i am pleased you slept ok mate but watch using soap you've got an allergy to, dump it in the bin it ah worth the aggrow.
    The sjogren's is strong in my system besides the lupus and i'm really drained this morning.

    My tower as just come and ste's checked it, it's got 3 fans in it which is even better, i sold my old pc which was an HP make to my mate and it was dead fast and he loves it, wished i'd bloody kept it...mind you this is hp i've got now i wow use any other make. xxxxxxxx
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    Tammy i hope your abit better today mate, i was woken this morning with the neighbours going to work,then the bin men, i feel done in and ste's doing the tower lark incase i bugger it xxxxx
  10. Oh my! That thread about cooking testi...

    You know the word. I can't say it, it's too painful! (not to mention funny)
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I am divorced and a mother of 4 adult children and 4 beautiful grandkids. I have a deep faith and am preparing to go into full time ministry. I love life and try to live it to the fullest in spite of my circumstances. I have SLE, Fibromyalgia, Hoshimotos, & Raynauds.
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