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    I did realize she was pregnant. I am sure you told me but brain fog gets in the way sometimes. I was in the hospital twice when I was pregnant with my daughter. I was getting so dehydrated that she was losing the fluid around her. My potassium was way down and they couldn't get it to stay up. Finally my daughters pediatrician came in and told them to add magnesium to the potassium and it fixed everything. I hope that a doctor finds comes in with something as easy for your daughter!

    I know it is a stressful time but please make sure to take care of yourself. You will be no help to anyone if not
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    Do they know what is causing it? I just hate that this is happening to her. If it isn't one thing it is another!

    Thank GOODNESS your boss is understanding about this. We have to take care of our kids. It is in the mother's rule book
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    The problem is that none of the medicines are fixing it. He has what is called resistant hypertension which basically means that they can't really get it under control. They have his average BP down to 180/117 or so and with any exercise or irritation it goes well into the 200's again. I know him well enough to know he will most likely not take them if he thinks they are not doing what they should. It is just a mess.

    How is your daughter today? Is she able to keep food down yet?
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    hi tammy,
    yes cherie is home.
    she came home tuesday night.... happy me.

    tamara is well. she had complications with low calcium levels, then they were too high.
    all seems good now.

    i read your comment to mari about your daughter.
    hope things sort themselves out for her.
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    Hi Tammy
    Sorry im just responding to your message but since my last treatment i have been feeling like crap to put it nicely and i am usually so tired i cant function. Sorry to hear about you daughter,how is she doing? Thanks for the support, i really needed it with the new syptoms ,it can get overwhelming. I need to post about the 3rd benlysta tx but that wont be till later today, when my head is clear. Hugs slim
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    Hey Tammy,

    Luckily he had a mild stroke so his right side was only slightly harmed. It is already getting better but even today his BP was up in the 200's. None of the meds they are using seem to be working but it looks like they are going to let him go home in a couple of days. It worries me because he most likely take any meds once he leaves the hospital if he doesn't see them helping.

    How is your daughter? Is she doing better? I hope so and have been thinking of each of you
  7. Hi Mari, after my dad's stroke his kept acting up too. His was due to meds they were using to manage his stroke issues. It finally got balanced. Can he swallow, talk, walk, etc. My dad lost all of that and is now on his own at 79! Isn't that wonderful? The brain can heal to a point if therapy is started fast and intense. He would be so worn out from a little therapy that he would cry and fall asleep in his chair, but he made it through. Bless you and yours dear.
  8. Glad you like the pics. Thanks! Yes, Karen is a gorgeous lady (a total robo-babe IMHO). We are very much in love. She is simply awesome. She has a very kind way about her, she has a twisted sense of humor, and she's not afraid to get her hands dirty. When we first met, I invited her out to my oldest sister's place to do some skeet shooting. I offered her one of my 20 gauge shotguns, it kicks less than a 12 gauge. Well, she pulls out a gun case and shows me a beautiful Ruger 12 gauge shotgun. Cool! No 20 gauge for my girl! Then, we go shooting, and she BEATS us ALL! I'm a former gunsmith and competetive shooter, and the others are all experienced shooters as well. She whooped us all, and I loved every second of it.

    That's the kind of girl she is. Works for me!
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    Oh I am so happy! Baby steps may take longer but they still get you where you need to go! 4 bites will move to 6 then 8 and she is on her way to healing. As for my brother, he is not doing very well. BP is going back up and no one knows why. Thanks so much for being concerned. It means a lot
  10. Speaking of pictures, I took some of a great sunset we had the other night. I added them to one of my photo albums-thought you might like to see them. Here's a link-
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