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    Tammy i hope the accupunture works and i'm not surprised your cranky with this lot.

    It's funny you on about my liver it's driving me bloody mad with pain and cutting across my back and guess what i'm on the water and just put more in the fridge, i like it cold where ste drinks it brought normal and i've just took 400mg of iburophen i do hope it eases off.

    Well enjoy your day mate and i do sympathize with you, christ we do make a pair and i know the specialist because of ste and he might do a biopsy. xxxxxxxxxx
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    Tammy just off to have me tea mate and read abit afterwards, i am pleased you've got something sorted with your Rheumo.

    Relax mate and all my love Terry xxxx
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    magnesium comes in 2 forms.

    i take the tablet for everyday. youwill want 500mg minimum.
    there is also a powder. the powder acts faster and is usually taken as a boost.
    about 1/3 tablespoon mixed with water. (read instructions on bottle)

    do you also take folic acid i take 5mg 3 times a week.
    you can take it everyday except methotrexate day.

    i found folic helps and does not need a script.

    you can overdo the magnesium, but it takes a lot to overdo it.

    hope this helps.
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    Tammy your message did make me laugh, i used to have that trouble mate but since that damaged nerve in my intestines they found with the Tumour i dow have to pray it comes as soon as i sit.

    I found out what's up with my eyes it ah my spec's, i've been having the livingromm light on where i sit besides my lamp and the main light must have been to much, i have done some reading mate and refering body fluids my body gets tea every xxxxxxxxx
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    Tammy enjoy the rest of your day mate, as i'm off for abit as my tea is nearly done and besides that i've gone dehydrated and dead slow...i feel like my heads mashed in, ste's got me drinking water, christ i hate that stuff.

    Love Terry xxxxx
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    I thought you new mate...i dow worry i just take it in my stride now because you never know what's around the corner and i hope you don't have that lyme disease either.

    I see you can't drop off mines sometimes after tea and i'm sure i need new spec's, i do 2 chapters and eyes are done for. lol
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    Tammy if your like me mate, you just get totally fed up with the pain lark, i'm trapped in an elderly womans body.

    Well fruit will do you good, i always say that and i wow touch the stuff and steve's the banana man daily.

    Tammy i've got a Tumour on the left side of my liver mate and that's why they're trying to surpress my immune system because of the sle and my organs, the quicker i drop jed the

    Enjoy your nap mate and see i told you, you need it. xxxx
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    Hello Tammy,
    Woke this morning at 8am through loss of blood and pain got to the doctor's she did thr swab and itdid hurt with the clamps and the results wow be back till tuesday, i'm just hoping there's no infection as i dow need that at the mo either.
    I'm sorry to hear how your feeling but i had all those symptoms to start as the Lupus starting progressing and in time mine have got worse, so i do sympathize with you, we may be miles away but i do not what your going through and when the spasms hit me i shout ste dead kick to rub my legs it's like you can't free them.

    You may be bored but you do need rest at some point and listen to one who knows well on that score.

    Now make your phone calls and chill, oh i forgot to mention i've just had my appointment for my liver 23rd August and i can't wait to seem him.

    Love you loads Terry xxxxx
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    Tammy i'll say goodnight mate, another early rise...the way i'm going i'm half way their to sacks of potatoes under my eyes

    You get some good rest and all my love to you xoxoxoxo
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    Tammy you can get a good rest now mate and yes i was pleased about the dentist today because i've been with my old one for years like i said and you don't know if your going to a butcher but he was ace and i did laugh when he said steve, i can't leave my hubby ever because he'll always be there. lol
    Well i'm glad your doctor gave you an examination, i hope you have'nt got cystitis because that can be terrible but i am pleased your having the full works like i did to get to the bottom of it.

    When i say full works, it sounds like your in a factory going through various processing sorry mate but this is what we have to do, it can cause some problems but if you do have it they'll most likely control it with drugs.

    Well i'll have that swab tomorrow and that's me empty on the calender till next tuesday for my hair but besides that i'm the same and you get some good rest. xxxxxxx
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