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    Tammy you wanted my opinion mate on what you stated on missfearless's profile, well here's my opinion and you might not like it i was born a christian and my dad was a mormen if that's how you spell

    You believe in god i don't mate and people who think like me in the uk, we class ourselves as not being bible bashers and in some of my threads when you read them i'll say oh christ mate or oh my god, that's how we speak in language terms nothing refering to god or the bible but if you think god helps you fair play and if missfearless as given her heart then she feels by giving her heart that's what she believes in 100%.

    I'm off to rest mate can't concentrate with the heat. Love Terry xxxx
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    Oh Tammy, the heat is in it's 80s today i'm inside and can't cope i burning up terrible i'm off to rest in abit.
    When we moved here the garden was a vine yard as the person before brewed there on wine, christ it was over grown, so ste sorted it we have decking going right across the bungalow at the back extended 10ft out into the garden with chairs and loungers never been, one the one side ste slabbed it in in two different colour and infront of the decking we have a lawn with a slabbed path all around it leading onto the decking and the dirts all graveled with plants and we have electric lights around the decking it's lovely at night time, our neighbour said it's like sitting out on a vila and here's me can't enjoy it and i've been stuck inside all day except for popping for the odd fag. xxxxxxx
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    Morning Tammy, sorry for dropping my gob in it mate, sounds like he's got it cushie like my x-husband till itold him and made him shift off his idol and get a job but at least yours is trying, so the cards are in your hands mate.

    Ste packed in the building trade 2yrs before we moved here, so i can't moan he's done this place nice besides taking on extra with me. He's having a sleep in this morning but i have got a dog waiting for his walk and we've got a large garden but oh no he's got to keep holding himself unless he's xxxxx
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    Ah tammy this is a way of getting some nice jewellery make him fork out on a lovely engagement ring one flashing diamond and high carot gold and a wide wedding ring 7mm i are nice .lol and you dow by an eternity ring till your first year of marriage.
    I tell you what i wear on my right hand being a leo it's a peridot stone, ste brought me a 3 carot diamond peridot stoned ring and if you wear it next to your little finger covered around with gold it's lucky where money is concerned as it's from eygption times and that was there meaning, then he brought me a one carot peridot pendant and then a pair of sud earrings i can't wear them as they're over 6 carots worth.

    So here's your chance mate. lol ste always buy me gold as he knows i love it. xxx
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    Oh tammy the love might grow on ya for him especially if he's a descent bloke, give him another 2yrs and see what you think
    Blaze is my female Super hyo tangerine carrot tail leopard gecko, her pic's are on my profile, i'm on a site for her also as i've had 2 males in the past but her colour are rare and they're expensive.

    Trouble with the b12 tammy as it sends your legs so weak when you go to walk you could just collaspe mate, ste's just brought my medication back, i said look at it (that's what i am a bloody junkie). xxxxx
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    Tammy i love liver and onions, i've just been on the staffysite and because i've not been on messages in galour and asking me how i am, i'm the top 2nd member of the site with 35,000 comments done, they asked me to be an admin and i refused as i help people do profiles and help with info on staffs besides the forum.
    The B12 jab is for my anaemia make it puts b12 in your body but SLE eats it away quickly so then your totally drained.

    Ste was posessive with me when we first got together but he's mellowed and if you both get on together why not take the chance and marry him, he must think a great deal of you, best thing i did marrying ste and he asked me 6mths after meeting me but it was love at first site for him but no me as i'd not long got devorced from an idiot.

    I'm glad your kip went well and you feel abit better. Ste's just gone to getmy monthly meds and it's a fry up for we tonight and chicken for bruno and crickets for i am laughing this nd mate. xxxxxxxxx
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    I am pleased you got a better night mate as it really does help with what we're going through.

    I've slowly took the hoover around here and it's caused me to sweat more and the bloody pains have triggered off below but i can't keep putting on steve.
    I't's gone really muggie here and all the windows are open, it's surposed to be sunny and blastring in the 80s but i think it will be tomorrow.

    My body tammy is crying out for my B12 Jab and it's not due till the end of next month, ste said i'll get some liver in you and more greens to help BLESS HIM xxxxxxxxxxx
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    Hello Tammy how you feeling today.

    I woke at 9-30 full bladder besides spasms in my left leg trying to come round then bruno's in licking my hand, it's now 11:52am and i'm off to get washed and dressed, it's pouring down here and i'm

    Enjoy your weekend mate the best you can and rest well.

    All my love Terry xxxxx
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    i used to have these problems. thay are not as bad now.
    mainly my right shoulder blade.
    if i do too much, then i have problems, but being retired, i am better.
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    Yes mate i'm on the water strict orders and your right about there being no groups there's to many people ill with it.

    They offer one to one councilling here, i get better councilling coming on the site but i'm going to rest now tammy.

    All my love mate and thinking of you dearly.xxxxxx
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