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  1. HI Honey I am at work and I had a long talk with my supervisor about the shape Im in and she told me to just hang out in my office today until I get my feet wet again. Bless her! So far the drugs are holding me. About two this afternoon is when the pain rises to a tormenting rate. I pray and wait with my lyrica and quinine water (grin).

    Im so sorry about the heat for you. I know it is horrible to endure. The pain in your liver must be so tormenting and worrisome. Gosh I wish there was something I could do for you. Love ya dear, Tammy
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    Hi Tammy,
    How you feeling today should have let you chap stop for support.

    It's in the 90s here and murdering me, gone around doing things sloly today and been on the water since 9-15 this morning, my liver is aching.

    Love Terry xxxxxxxxx
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    Hi I private msged you regarding your question.
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    HI lovedbyhim
    Just logged on today and read your message. I had my second dose of Benlysta on Monday and what a fight. It started out on Thursday when the Pharmacy wouldnt ship my med. I called the Pharmacy and lets just say I wasnt nice and was promised to have the med. at mdr office the next day. Friday comes no drug, called the Pharmacy n they will ship it to my house. This is the side effects i have been experiencing abdominal pain, headaches, twitching of my right arm and my middle finger of my right hand,my legs feel heavy, heart palpatations and pain shooting down my left leg every time i stand up from a sitting position and lots of pain especially my legs . The other thing is that I almost fell in the shower because i couldnt put any weight on my left leg now that sucked. How r u doing mentally, physically and emotionally. Thank u for checking up on me. My next iv dose is on 7/06 Hugs n i hope u r pain free slim
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    Tammy i'll say goodnight mate as i'm done in and dow mention the heat it's hitting 90 and above tomorrow and they've warned people to keep out of it, with us not being used to such high temps it can make we seriously ill, it's still warm here now.

    Love you loads mate xxxxxxxxxxx
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    When we grew up alot of his fmily was married and buried at a large church where he was born but there was a small chapel and he always stated i come from chapel, well when he died and me doing the family tree i found out the chapel was mormons but he never preached his religion. I've do genealogy of the family tree and in the early 1800s my 5thg/grandfather emigrated to salt lake city, utah on the first ship out there the (Belle view or wood) i'd need to look in my tree mate and him and other was the first settlers of mormons and when childern needed christaning in the uk they came back and christened them.
    If i go back to my 10th g/grandfahter they started out as catholics in the early 1500s and then in the 1800s mormons, then when the1900s came they went christian and mormon.

    In my family tree alone i have 9000 family member's from different branches and also certificates/pics/Wills besides other info.
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    Tammy ste as worked hard on the property i will give him that but it's a lovely garden we have and we put grave down to stop the weeding.
    Your poor chap was snapped thenbut took the hint well by leaving, mind you i'd be the same if your not well to much fussing about irritates you.
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    Tammy you wanted my opinion mate on what you stated on missfearless's profile, well here's my opinion and you might not like it i was born a christian and my dad was a mormen if that's how you spell

    You believe in god i don't mate and people who think like me in the uk, we class ourselves as not being bible bashers and in some of my threads when you read them i'll say oh christ mate or oh my god, that's how we speak in language terms nothing refering to god or the bible but if you think god helps you fair play and if missfearless as given her heart then she feels by giving her heart that's what she believes in 100%.

    I'm off to rest mate can't concentrate with the heat. Love Terry xxxx
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    Oh Tammy, the heat is in it's 80s today i'm inside and can't cope i burning up terrible i'm off to rest in abit.
    When we moved here the garden was a vine yard as the person before brewed there on wine, christ it was over grown, so ste sorted it we have decking going right across the bungalow at the back extended 10ft out into the garden with chairs and loungers never been, one the one side ste slabbed it in in two different colour and infront of the decking we have a lawn with a slabbed path all around it leading onto the decking and the dirts all graveled with plants and we have electric lights around the decking it's lovely at night time, our neighbour said it's like sitting out on a vila and here's me can't enjoy it and i've been stuck inside all day except for popping for the odd fag. xxxxxxx
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    Morning Tammy, sorry for dropping my gob in it mate, sounds like he's got it cushie like my x-husband till itold him and made him shift off his idol and get a job but at least yours is trying, so the cards are in your hands mate.

    Ste packed in the building trade 2yrs before we moved here, so i can't moan he's done this place nice besides taking on extra with me. He's having a sleep in this morning but i have got a dog waiting for his walk and we've got a large garden but oh no he's got to keep holding himself unless he's xxxxx
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