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  1. We got hit pretty hard up here. There are trees down on my property, and one down at my parents house that caused some damage to the roof of their house. There are many bridges out, and many people are still without power. I was on generator power for nearly two days, but my power is back on again. I feel awful for the people in Vermont. There is terrible flooding still, and nearly 20 people dead so far. Vermont is only about 100 miles south, but they got it far worse than we did in Maine. I'm really tired, and really sick of storms, and all that goes with them.

    What's new with you? Heading for the hills to get away from it all?

  2. How's it going Tammy? Sorry I haven't said hello lately. Been awfully busy, and from that, I get kinda tired. I'll be a happy man if I never have to deal with another damn storm again anytime soon.
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    Sorry im just answering you but my life has been crazy and trying to cope with everything. To answer your question im not sure if the benlysta is working or not at first i thought it was making me worst (lots of headaches, lots of body pain, just feeling like crap) had to increase my steroid useage and now i dropped it down to 10mg per day but i think i need to go back up ,im in pain as i type this, i already took 2 flexeril and 2 dilaudid and still in pain couldnt get my 4th dose of benlysta due to an infection. just had bloodwork as long as that is clear i can schedule my next have u been ,lots of hugs n well wishes. slim
  4. Hi Steve, thanks! What brought that on?

    How are you doing? I am having a wonderful time getting all my gear ready to go to the mountains. The trail I am going on is filled with water falls. I am leaving Thursday. Night and coming back Sunday night! I did get a nice knife(giggle) with a nonslip rubber handle.

    How is everyone in your family doing? Is your step daughter healing well?
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    hope you have a nice day.
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  7. Hey Tammy, how's everything going in your world today? Karen took the day off, and we slept in until 1:30 this afternooon. Had a pizza, and some of her homemade sun tea. Such decadence! Things are back on track with the website, and overall, it's been a good couple of days. Hope the past few days have been good for you too.

  8. Good luck on your day in the wilderness. Have fun!
  9. Hi Tammy,

    How are you today? I haven't been getting much sleep lately. Got lots of joint pain, and the NSAIDS I take for that give me a stomach ache. If it isn't one thing, it's another I suppose.

    I hope you are having a good day.

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    I did realize she was pregnant. I am sure you told me but brain fog gets in the way sometimes. I was in the hospital twice when I was pregnant with my daughter. I was getting so dehydrated that she was losing the fluid around her. My potassium was way down and they couldn't get it to stay up. Finally my daughters pediatrician came in and told them to add magnesium to the potassium and it fixed everything. I hope that a doctor finds comes in with something as easy for your daughter!

    I know it is a stressful time but please make sure to take care of yourself. You will be no help to anyone if not
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