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    Take care big brother. If you want a visit from us sometime, let us know, we'll squeeze some time in somehow
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    I am at home, I did plan to do some more reports, but I decided to go on WHL to reassure people I haven't lost it and gone forever. Check out the chat to see what one of my students wrote for their own gravity investigation. It is so funny.

    Yeah I suppose you are doing OK, like I am doing OK. GOSH, I would give you some of my money, but all the doctors have it. I have spend nearly $2000 over the last week on medical tests, just to have them say they can't find anything, well nothing significant. Well they have found some things, but not the complete answer they are looking for.

    STEVE go outside and snuggle up to a horse, or take a chicken to bed with you. Fluffy feathers is cosy and warm.
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    QUOTE "i am doing ok" LIAR!!!!! I know all about saying "I am doing OK"

    Anyway, I have posted the latest update, and then I edited it some more.

    HEY guess what, I was told that I was getting old by a doctor today, because I have early arthritis in my hips, especially my left hip. So tell me now, who is older, you because you are old, or me because my body is becoming old?????
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    Thanks Steve, you are a great big brother ... OLD MAN!
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    I know...I know you said sympathy was hard for you , so this is not a sympathetic note!

    How the heck are you and your family holding up? Just asking (smile). No sympathy involved here at all! (grin)
  6. Hi Steve,

    So far, this has been one of the wettest, and coldest summers we've ever had here. So, yet another weekend was spent doing indoor activities. Everyone here is suffering from a serious case of cabin fever. I also fly R/C aircraft, and that's been nearly impossible to do as well. I intend to write Mother Nature a strongly worded letter concerning this situation!

    How's everything going with you?
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    Thank you =)
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    It made perfect sense and I had heard of some issues from splenda but not near as many as with equal or the pink one. I tried trivia but hated the taste however I will do more checking because I didn't know about the seizure thing. Thank you so much for the information! This is one of the many reasons I love this place. Great people and great info!
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    Nonna is the italian version of Nana. Thanks Steve I'm feeling better now that I vented
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    Thanks so much for your wisdom. I pray the accupuncture my rheumy ordered will help. She said she has seen great success in breaking the spasm. I sure hope so. God bless you and yours for helping me. Tammy
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About steve.b

Basic Information

Date of Birth
December 2, 1961 (55)
About steve.b
i have 2 children with my wife cherie.
she also has 4 children from a previous marriage.
we have 4 grandchildren from the older 3.

i have officially been diagnosed with lupus and firbomyalgia.
i have a lot of secondary complaints as well, but they are not really diagnosed.

these secondary complaints include;
headaches, irritable bowel syndrome, dry mouth / throat (especially first thing in the morning),
dry eyes, circulation problems, heat rash (worse than most), skin problems and rashes,
sore joints, muscle weakness, unable to regulate my body temperature, reduced cognative skills,
i sweat when under pressure (physical or mental), mental pauses (where the brain stops for a second or so).

i grew up basically normal. could never compete well in sports.
no real health problems, just got everything that was going around.
always slightly unwell.
bad growing pains, awkward and clumsy.

my symptoms would wax and wain. sometimes good usually just annoying.
i had 2 or 3 mental breakdowns, due to stress. but usually i handled stress really well.
my mind would wander without me being able to focus properly.

i went to counsellors, but they could never relate to my description of my problem.
it was like i was in a helicopter overlooking my life, i could talk about it, (as a third party).

i was never great at school. i passed because everyone knew i tried hard. always only just making the grade.
orally, i did great, having to write what i knew, was a problem.

i had no staminer, sometimes even raising an arm was an issue.

what eventually led to my diagnosis, was pains in the legs and knees. and right shoulder blade.
i suspected blood clots, and was flying to and from work. working in the mines.
doctors could not find what was wrong, as usual.
eventually a doctor put enough together to send me to a rhuematologist.
i was origionally tested for lupus, to rule it out.

the fibromyalgia diagnoses came about 12 months later.
i have not worried testing for the other complaints, i treat them as symptoms of my main two illnesses.

In November 2012, my wife and I seperated.
My lupus has made me very impersonal, and I also fly off at unimportant things. My emotions are either on or off.
Luckily we still get on well. She just cannot live with the unemotional person I have become. My mood changes have destroyed my childrens relationship with me also.
They are afraid of me, and the mood changes.
pinjarra, western australia
family, horses
disability pensioner


When you're stressed, You eat Ice cream, Cake, Chocolate & Sweets. Why? Because stressed spelled backwards is DESSERTS.


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the REAL cost of Lupus

by steve.b on 10-30-2012 at 06:48 PM
What do I mean by the real cost?
Lupus costs in every way!

Lupus causes us many difficulties.
Lupus causes us many hard ships.
Lupus causes our health to fail.

All of these things are a cost of having Lupus.
These are not what I am referring to.

As humans we identify people by there traits and personalities.
We say this is a kind old woman,
Or he is a grumpy old may.
Even she is a busy body.
These traits make

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