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    Hi Steve, I am doing okay, just been sleeping alot, I think I need more caffeine in my system. I have been feeling fatigue and do not see the doc till the 27th of this month. Hope all is well on your side.
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    Thank's for popping by. Hope you and your family are doing ok. Wishing you a great day!!!!!!!
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    It is good to hear that your family is doing “fine” but it would be better if you had told me that everyone was “GREAT”
    Give my love to Cherrie and Tamara. Hopefully you are managing to do some fun things with the kids during the holidays
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    Hello Steve, thank you for the welcome back ... I got back from Darwin last night. How is your family?
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    Hi Steve i want you to know I did go shopping for panadol osteo. In the US it is called Tylenol arthritis, just in case someone from the US is looking for it. I got the magnesium and started a higher dose. We shall see. Presently I am so tired I can barely function but the but the nerve pain keeps me alert enough to drive (grin).

    I'll bet you are flying high today to imagine your daughter laughing after such a tender area to be operated on. I'm so happy for all of you. Have a great night it is almost 4PM here and I quit at 4:30. I made it through one more day.

    Thank you for making me laugh with the "whine". I know it made you at least grin. Tehehe..grinning is good too.
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    Hi Steve, I am excited to think I could take something for pain without all the wide effects. I will pick the panadol-osteo up today.

    Since off lyrica & skelaxin my colon is lovely(grin). My body has finally adjusted to the buzz I used to get when the cymbalta kicked in. That was rough, as I was already tired.

    Yes please let me know how Tamara makes out. I hope you have a peaceful day in spite of the circumstances. Tammy
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    Hi Steve I checked out panadol-osteo. Holy smokes It's over the counter and it helps? Does it help the nerve pain going down my arms from spasms at my neck? I am taking two extastrength ibuprophin and it just does not help. All I take for pain now is cymbalta and ibuprophin. After Wed. If biopsy is clear, I am going for accupuncture. I'll let you know how that works.

    Ps...I replied to your "whining" comment. My gosh you remind me of my brothers when we get together. You have what we call "dry humor" puts me in stitches!
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    Good to meet you Steve,
    I noticed on your bio that you worked in the mines. What sort of work or mine did you work? I am curious because I read a study that found that among the smaller percentage of men vs.women with lupus ,many men had something in common which was exposure to silica dust.the theory is that it was constant skin contact-not breathing the dust in which caused the problems. In my case I have been working sandblasting with silica for 30 years, and a friend/fellow painter came down with schelderma aprox 10 yrs ago after doing similar work for 20 yrs. Thanks Niall
  9. Thanks for the head's up Steve. The "dentist" has been taken care of.

    Good news today, is that I am feeling pretty darn good. It's been more than one full day since the last round of steroids, and as expected, I'm feeling good. I'm going to be finishing up a shuttle model for a local educational center this weekend. Gotta make room for the next project, which is a model of the International Space Station I'm doing for a local museum. I'm not up to doing any driving, so I figure my time is best spent on these projects.

    How's it going with you? Still fighting the Flu?

  10. Hi Steve,

    Hopefully, I'll be feeling well in a couple of days. The steroids work immediately but the side effects make you feel like hell until a few days after the last dose. Had it via IV for three days in a row. I slept all day yesterday, and most of the night. I still feel exhausted. This stuff gives me colds sweats and a feeling like having the flu. Blah!

    How are you doing? Getting over the flu?

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About steve.b

Basic Information

Date of Birth
December 2, 1961 (55)
About steve.b
i have 2 children with my wife cherie.
she also has 4 children from a previous marriage.
we have 4 grandchildren from the older 3.

i have officially been diagnosed with lupus and firbomyalgia.
i have a lot of secondary complaints as well, but they are not really diagnosed.

these secondary complaints include;
headaches, irritable bowel syndrome, dry mouth / throat (especially first thing in the morning),
dry eyes, circulation problems, heat rash (worse than most), skin problems and rashes,
sore joints, muscle weakness, unable to regulate my body temperature, reduced cognative skills,
i sweat when under pressure (physical or mental), mental pauses (where the brain stops for a second or so).

i grew up basically normal. could never compete well in sports.
no real health problems, just got everything that was going around.
always slightly unwell.
bad growing pains, awkward and clumsy.

my symptoms would wax and wain. sometimes good usually just annoying.
i had 2 or 3 mental breakdowns, due to stress. but usually i handled stress really well.
my mind would wander without me being able to focus properly.

i went to counsellors, but they could never relate to my description of my problem.
it was like i was in a helicopter overlooking my life, i could talk about it, (as a third party).

i was never great at school. i passed because everyone knew i tried hard. always only just making the grade.
orally, i did great, having to write what i knew, was a problem.

i had no staminer, sometimes even raising an arm was an issue.

what eventually led to my diagnosis, was pains in the legs and knees. and right shoulder blade.
i suspected blood clots, and was flying to and from work. working in the mines.
doctors could not find what was wrong, as usual.
eventually a doctor put enough together to send me to a rhuematologist.
i was origionally tested for lupus, to rule it out.

the fibromyalgia diagnoses came about 12 months later.
i have not worried testing for the other complaints, i treat them as symptoms of my main two illnesses.

In November 2012, my wife and I seperated.
My lupus has made me very impersonal, and I also fly off at unimportant things. My emotions are either on or off.
Luckily we still get on well. She just cannot live with the unemotional person I have become. My mood changes have destroyed my childrens relationship with me also.
They are afraid of me, and the mood changes.
pinjarra, western australia
family, horses
disability pensioner


When you're stressed, You eat Ice cream, Cake, Chocolate & Sweets. Why? Because stressed spelled backwards is DESSERTS.


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the REAL cost of Lupus

by steve.b on 10-30-2012 at 06:48 PM
What do I mean by the real cost?
Lupus costs in every way!

Lupus causes us many difficulties.
Lupus causes us many hard ships.
Lupus causes our health to fail.

All of these things are a cost of having Lupus.
These are not what I am referring to.

As humans we identify people by there traits and personalities.
We say this is a kind old woman,
Or he is a grumpy old may.
Even she is a busy body.
These traits make

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