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    Thanks honey I sure hope so.Xxo Tammy
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    Terry I'm so sorry that you are so weak and you have to use a wheelchair. What a way to have to live at our age.

    I have decided to go to the ER later today as the pain in my lower back is getting worse. I also had a greenish yellow mucus yuk yesterday. Are we having fun yet Terry?

    Oh Terry if you could see the photo my daughter took you would gasp. My 22 yr old put a pillow under her dress and we held our dress tight to show the shape of our pregnant looking bellies at the same time our bellies touched. It was hilarious if you were able to overlook that it is an alien in my belly. Lol
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    Okay coffee helps (grin). Gosh I knew it wasn't good when I hadn't heard from you. Seizure. Ugh. I know that makes you feel horribly after one. I'm sorry Terry. Truly I am.

    Do you like your new wheelchair? I hope so. How is the facial paralysis today Terry?

    Had wonderful time with my girls yesterday. We laughed and took sick humorous photo and put them on Facebook. Lol
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    Hi Hun, really in bad shape here too. Head pounding up a lot last night. Abdomen swelling more daily. Low back pain really bad. Think ER if worsens.

    Will write later. Need coffee. Ugh
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    Hey Peridot,

    Sorry to hear you are still bleeding from your surgery, if it continues let your doctor know. on thursday I had this excruciating sharp pain on the left side of my back underneath my shoulder blade that shot up the left side of my face, hurting my eye and jaw, spread to the right side of my back , i was in tears couldn't breath without pain took an aspirin and this whole episode lasted 15-20 minutes, after this fell asleep for 4 hours. when i woke up left side of face throbbing left eye blurry and hurting. on friday was dizzy went to the hospital cat scan showed a small nodule on right lung . hspt not sure what the nodule is or what happened to me. not sure if its the Benlysta or lupus, have you experienced any of this? feel better and thank you so much for checking on me. next treatment is on wednesday .
    Pain free hug slim
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    Hey Terry!
    I'm feeling pretty well these days. Did some tests a while back just waiting for the results, I'm sure these results will be a step up from the last one. It feels good to not be sick haha!
    How about yourself? Everything well?

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    Hey Sweetie how are you holding up? Haven't heard much from you on and off forum. I hope this means you are resting.

    Today I am going to see my granddaughter at their new lake front home. Beautiful place. My BF is driving so I can sleep. I am going to slathered in sunscreen and wear my new hat.

    Hang in there dear. Let me know how you are log.Xxo Tammy
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    Oh I forgot to tell you my uterus is10.4 cm and it should be @ 7 cm at my age. I look like I am 4 mos pregnant lately. Omgosh maybe I am having an aliens baby. Maybe I was abducted while on all this medication and never noticed! Well now how am I gonna explain all of this to David? Dear Lord where is my red licorice!
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    You need a wheelchair? Is it motorized?
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    Hello Sweet Girl, I have been much better concerning the fibromyalgia spasms. Still there but not as bad. As far as the ultrasound results, they stink(grin). It truly points to surgery. Endometrium 2.5cm abnormal thickened tissue. Fluid in pelvis. Overy at my age should be 1/2 cm. It's 2.5 cm. Bladder tender, lower back ache, foul spotting, constipation, extreme tiredness, chills & sweats. You're a reader Terry. It all points to cancer. Mom had it there too. Thank God I only have to wait until next week to find out.

    Now tell me. How are you? What do they do for your face dear? I don't know anything about that part of the disease. Does rest help or special meds? Please let me know okay. It's 2:30in the AM. Holly had to go potty, so I AK now up, lol.

    Love ya honey. Feel better. Tammy
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