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    Hi Terry, well I am having a sweet day with my beautiful granddaughter. She's being a good girl. Her mom is being kept and they are running all kinds of tests to see what can be done to settle her. She has had at least 5 bags of fluid and is now being given iv vitamins. Nausea shots are not helping. She has a good gynocologist watching over her. She can't keep ice chips down. So sad
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    Hi Terry, good morning, just wanted to say sorry for my rambling last night, I'm in a better frame of mind today, called the doc this morning and told him I was flairing, so I'm going for more bloodwork today, he thinks maybe it will show up this time, if not we'll keep trying until it does, my back is still sore, and I'm achy all over from the flair, but this too shall pass, hope your doing well and have a good day!!
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    In ER most of night and on way to daughters house to care for my granddaughter. My daughter vomited so much she is hospitalized with dehydration. Will write later.Xxo
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    Sleep Tight!
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    Terry it's like no one understands how I feel, most of the stuff I have a hard time finding the words to describe it myself, you never really know what's going to happen tomorrow ,it's the old saying, well you don't look sick, and I just think to myself you have no idea! I wouldn't wish this on anybody, I think i really need the meds but I still haven't got them, it's very frustrating, I never thought my life would be like this, lupus is changing me into someone I don't want to be!
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    Hi Terry, sorry to hear your not feeling well too, it stinks, I know. I do have cream but it doesn't really help much, lupus does what it wants, when it wants, and doesn't care what you do, I'm just really stressed right now, just too much stuff going on! But I'll deal with it, and wait for the next crisis! Lol..
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    By the way a 16lbs carp is quite impressive,they are quite the fighters.
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    Talking to you gets me reminiscing-which is a good thing!
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    Hi Terry, no I haven't gone to PT yet, people are telling me it won't really work, but I'll try anyway, I just have not got around to it, I started to flair the other day, my rash is back and I don't feel all that well, I have way to much stress, and It's killing me!
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    Hi Terry How are you today?
    I 'm doing pretty good myself,thank you for asking!

    On your profile I saw some pictures of the canal-is this by your home?
    I love canals ,there is a canal in Ireland that runs by the house my father was born in. Its called the Newry canal and is about 39 miles south of Belfast.After many years of talk they finally started to clean it up as it had been overrun with weeds.

    I live about forty miles away from Chicago in a fairly rural area and I have camping trailer(caravan I believe you call them) which I keep at a state park along side the I&M (illinois and michigan )canal It was hand dug in the mid 1800's and is now used for recreation. The wife and I like to ride bikes along the old towpath.
    I hope you having a good day!
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