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    Hi Slim how is the new med trial going? If you want to reply to this click on my lovedbyHim user name anywhere on the forum and it will guide you to reply. I"m learning all this stuff too (grin)
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    Hello Slim,

    How you feeling and is the new medication going ok, as i hope your keeping ok.

    Terry xxx
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    Hi slim thanks for the benlysta blog msg. I am not on it but truly want to keep posted. God bless you on this new journey.
  4. slim here not sure if im doing this correctly , since I cant remember how to. I have been a flare for a while now and im pretty sick of it. Had to go recieve iv solu medrol to counter act it. that helped except the side effects i could have done without. So here I was on mothers day unable to move and retaining fluid and oh yeah the pain topped it off. Now i have these rosy cheeks and i didnt even need to use make up. I have cushings from all the steroids and cant recognize my face. I have to learn to dress a new body since the one i use to dress 32 years is gone. i might sound slightly angry but this disease is pissing me off im not a quitter and i refused to go down without a fight. My rheumy wants me to go on disability . Psychologically Im not ready and emotionally it might destroy me. I am schedule to recieve my first dose of Benlysta on 6/03/11 and hopefully this new drug work so wish me luck and Ill keep everyone posted. Pain free hugs too all.
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    Help: I had a root cannal done and I now have an infected Jaw Bone. Does anyone know of an Endodontist in the San Diego area who can help with the Lupus that is adding to the complications.
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    Hi Slim,

    Just wanted to stop by and say hello. Hope you are feeling better today. Let me know if you need anything. *hugs*
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    Hey Slim-
    Haven't heard from you, hope you are feeling a little better. The holidays can be so depressing when you don't feel like being cherry. Then everything is just amplified because you have to put on the I'm great show for everyone else's benefit. Been out of touch my self for a bit, but trying to get it together again now. Hope to hear from you soon.
  8. Hey xani's mom

    As you can see I am reading your message right now it is 9:47pm here in sunnny florida and my hands are swollen with fluid from the steroids had to increase if it isnt better by tomorrow im suppose to call my rheumy ,which i dont want to do cause then that means IV solu medrol. Have been very depressed to the point where hubby was calling me at work to check on me. I had two disc removed and replaced with titanium from my neck. It was found by accident went to the er because i woke up from sleep with incruciating pain radiating down my left arm couldn't lift it or move it and was having a flare up at the same time anyway they thought possible stroke or heart attack n when they did the mri the neurosurgeon (love him ) said surgery or paralysis from the neck down due to spinal cord compression. Dont blame u for taking the narcs being in pain all the time sucks and quite frankly i am tired of it. hows ur daughter doing? hope this finds u in less pain. hugs guerlyne
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    I know just what you mean about the doctors. For awhile I was seeing six. Now I have it down to four, but just the dr appointments can be enough to wear you out. I am actually feeling a little better, but I broke down and have been taking the narco the last couple of days. I really try to keep from taking it as often as I can, but I had had enough and thought I deserved to be out of pain for a couple of days. What kind of operation did you have on your neck? I get the same thing from doctors about my age, both of my knees need replaced but they don't want to do it until I actually can't walk any longer. They say the knees only last 10 to 15 years and I am to young to start replacing them. In some ways I think the people who get diagnosed when they are older have it a little better. Our bodies are still supposed to be functioning properly, so the doctors don't want to do anything that might be worse on us later. Hope you are feeling better.
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    I am actually on here quite a bit, since I can't work anymore it gives me something to do that doesn't required a lot of effort. I don't know how you work and raise three kids, you must be absolutely exhausted. I hope you have a good husband to help you out. I have never heard of lyrca. I take oxycontin twice a day and have vicodan for if I need it for pain, xanaflex muscle relaxer, and etodolac for inflamation. Is this a pain med or an immuno supp? I am not so great my UC has been horrible this week so of course I got a nice lupus flare to go with it. I have also had a mild headache for a couple weeks now. If I could just sleep more than an hour at a time I know I would feel better, the pain just isn't letting me rest. Hope everything is going as well as possible for you, and I hope your new meds work. Let me know
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I am a 32 yr.old female. I was diagnosed with SlE in 2005.
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Benlysta round 2

by slim on 06-26-2011 at 09:10 PM
Hello everyone,

Had my second dose of Benlysta on Monday and not sure if these new side effects are lupus or Benlysta related but will continue with my scheduled third dose on 7/06 and Ill see if these side effects continue. Here are the side effects I have experiencing abdominal pain, twitching of my right arm and right middle finger, pain shooting down my left leg everytime I stand up from a sitting position, limbs feel heavy, and lots of pain from my flare up not sure if the med

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Had my first Benlysta treatment

by slim on 06-08-2011 at 07:28 PM
Hi everyone,

I had my first treatment of Benlysta on 06/03/11 and it went well, up until I got home and had some dizzy spells. Wont let a few dizzy spells stop me from continueing with the treatment. So here is how my weekend went, had severe abdominal pain, lots of joint and muscle pain to the point i was ready to put myself out of my misery but I self medicated and was able to get the pain somewhat under control. I cant say for sure if it was the Benlysta or my Lupus rearing its

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im finally posting

by slim on 02-03-2011 at 05:38 PM
Hello everyone Im not one to post (actually i think i only posted once)but i felt like talking so what the heck. Last year was tough lots of flares er visits , surgery and coping with depression and all the other crap that comes with this illness. This year so far more flares needing IV solu-medrol (500mg ) palm of my hands especially the right hand was extremely dry peeling and felt like sandpaper and would turn red as a tomato and white. It didnt look right, anyway saw the dermatologist and he

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Scariest week ever!!

by slim on 07-27-2010 at 07:44 PM
Quote Originally Posted by slim View Post
Hi fellow floridian

I can understand what you mean about a rough week this year is what i call hospital year. Last vist in june had to be wheeled out of my Rheumatologist office to the Er after getting IV because the pain was so great I couldn't move. Prior to that went to the ER for flare up and pain radiating down my left arm which i couldn't move and found out that I
had two disk in my neck that were basically mush and had to have surgery two days later so I wouldn't end

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