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    Hope you're doing well. I know your post really brought up some emotions in me. I feel so alone most of the time. I 'm sad you're going through this, but I'm glad I'm not alone and neither are you. We all have each other. (((hugs)))
  2. update I have lupus, Ra and ankyloosing spondilitis dxd two years ago still trying ti get a
    handle on things ,but noew I'm suffering from very bad dizzyness 3-4 times a day and was wondering if this is normal all my meds are the same and also forgetting day to day...anyone else going through this??I'm at a lost
    I'm also having uncontrollable anger issues which is very uncommon for me and it really taking a toll on
    my marrige too the most supportive person I have and been with since I was 15 I am now despert help!!
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    Hadn't heard anything from you in a while and thought I'd check in. Hope you are doing well. Hillbillie
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    I agree 100% with Rob and with Angel. No one knows your body better than you do and no one knows what your body can and cannot do better than you. This disease is different for everyone and that 79 year old guy may not be suffering from the same symptoms of this disease that you suffer from. So, as Rob mentioned, if the therapist is not a Rheumatologist who knows about this disease, then he should keep his opinions/remarks/ignorance to himself!
    I hope that we are able to help you as you try to understand this disease and how it affects you. You are doing the right thing by learning as much as you can and we want to help you to do that!
  5. Hello Troy,

    Lupus does indeed affect everyone differently. Is your therapist also a Rheumotologist? If not, he/she should keep their incorrect and uninformed comments about Lupus to themselves. Like you, I'd be pissed off and blown away too! Trust what your body is telling you. If you can't make it because of a bad flare, then you can't make it. Knowing your own limits is a good thing.

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    Troy im sorry you have been through so much.Just to say hello im Amanda, dont have many answers but many here do.Your post here may not have been seen as its not in the forum,so please dont think people are not answering you.I just wrote on your post in the forum,not very helpful but someone will be along soon to help you with the info you need my friend.If you contact Saysusie the owner of the site,she is extremely knowledgeable about Lupus.I tell you what i will ask her to contact hang in there..we all care.Lots of love.xxxx
  7. So I go to my physical therapy today and the therapist wants me to just to do my program
    from home because I missed last week due to bad flare, said he has a patient that is 79 and
    has had lupus for a long time and how well he gets around and just didnt feel I was giving it my all
    I just wanted to leave at that point but didnt tried to explain I was new at this but was pretty sure
    lupus affects everyone in dfferent ways and I wasnt going to give up!!!Sorry for carring on just venting
    and that coming from a therapist blew me away..thanks for listening gotta go for now and im so glad i found this site!!

    God Bless,
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