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  1. I am doiing better, still have more bad days than good with the fatigue and all. My hair is dissapearing down the drain and all over me. I seriously think I am going to go bald. I still am getting the butterfly rashes, from what I'm not sure just kind of appears. I know a few times it was walmart. My face would burn like it was sun burned and hadn't been out in the sun just Walmart. So I now wear sunblock to walmart.

    How are you? How bad is your kidney's? I am so sorry! I sure hope they caught it in time and can treat u! Funny thing about the vampire thing. my hubby and I are both night owls, we can't seem to keep our hours on human time. LOL He has been having alot of problems with his back and fibro. So we are like 2 peas in a pathetic pod. LOL Take care and am so glad to be hearing from you again!
    Gentle (((((HUGS)))))
  2. Oh it's so funny u mention covering your face and wearing sunglasses. I soooo did that!!! I wore a black bandana with dark sunglasses to Walmart with my hubby at 11 pm. When we got out of the car I was reaching inside my coat for my cell phone and my hubby decided to be a fuinny man and stick his hands up. It looked like I was holding him hostage. LOL I could have killed him!!! So we get in Walmart and everybody is staring at me like WTF u know? I got embarrassed we got a gallon of milk and went home. I was sooooo embarassed! Oh my god! Trust me I know how u feel about having to cover up, but I don't suggest a bandits bandana. LOL I had to tell u that funny story because u described exactly what I did. LOL!!!
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    WOO HOO!!!! You've gotten a handle on your PAIN AND MIGRAINES!!!!!!! Im so HAPPY for YOU!!!!! YOU GO GIRL!!!! Yeah, i UNDERSTAND COMPLETELY about the whole SUN SENSITIVITY thing! WHEW! You sound JUST like ME! Yup, a trip to Walmart can flare me BAD these days! Carl told me im going to have to start wrapping myself up so jsut my eyes are showing! LOL And then ill be covering them with sunglasses! LOL I know how you LOVE the outdoors with your sweetie (ME TOO!) so it makes it hard huh! Carl and i are vampires now thats all, LOL, late afternoon,early evening and then we head out! Come on, be VAMPY with us!! LOL Take care of YOURSELF! XXXOOO
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    Well, SORT of on the mend! LOL I have stage 2 kidney damage, they are keeping an eye on things(regular testing) ,heart murmur (going back for tests on Fri), worse fatigue, alot more shortness of breath at rest and my nausea is AWFUL lately. BUT< im still a TRUCKING!!! WOO HOO to THAT! How have you been? XXXOOO
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    HIIIIIIIIII!!!!!! Sorry i havent poped in to say HELLO sooner! Hope you have been well and that you had good holidays! Any outdoor adventures? Ive been pretty sick and am having soem complications BUT im trucking along! Ill catch up more later gator!!!! LOVE and HUGS!! XXXXOOOOO
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    Hi There..just popped in to wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR..I hope that all is well with you! Sending you hugs
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    hi smokerscat just wishing you a happy newyears celebration hope you are feeling well hugs kiml
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    Hi There; Yes, migraines are a part of my daily torture..well, almost daily! At any rate, too often for me (lol). I hope you are doing well today. Take Care
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    Hi there,Thanks for your kind words. I am trying to read as much as possible on SLE. I am up and down emotionally which I am assured is normal. Just trying to find some sense to all this. I feel that at last I have found happiness in my personal life and a job I love. Then this happens ! i know that I will find inner strength from somewhere to work through it
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    hi smokerscat, sounds like your pcp is really focused on helping you. It is such a comfort when a dr. cares about us. I hope all of the new meds are helping. Are you having better luck with sleeping? All sleeping aids give me horrible nightmares, so i don't eve try to take them.
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depressing moments

by smokerscat94 on 01-08-2010 at 02:49 AM
My migraines seem to be getting more intense and more frequent, I don't know how much more I can take? They have been absolutely dibilitating! I was once again a patron of the ER last night. The Dr. of which I know pretty well is a very caring and understanding person. Blessing I know!!! I told him I felt like I could see, hear and feel my pulse all over my body. I told him to put his hands on my fore head and feel my pulse, he did and he felt it. He said that the blood vesels were dialated which

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sick and tired of being Sick & Tired!

by smokerscat94 on 10-27-2009 at 01:47 AM
I am so exhausted, but yet I can't sleep. What's up with that? I am so tired and so sore all the time. It SUCKS THE BIG ONE! It's really hard to think positive when I feel like this nearly every day lately. I want to feel NORMAL, I want to be able to do the things I want to do. I want to be able to GET OUT OF BED! I am really frustrated and depression is kicking my butt! I just want to have more good days then bad days. It just doesn't seem like that happens much anymore. I have absolutley no energy

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