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    Eh nah. I would if we had a class but we dont. and I plan on becoming a doctor so its just going to stay a hobby lol
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    Thank you for all the comments lol =D I love taking pictures lol
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    Mmmmmm i hope you have a lovely day and enjoy your sit down lunch.Ive had another quiet one....roll on the nosey weekends again lol.xxxxxx
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    Im so hungry looking at all that food mmmmmmm Hope you are having a fab weekend.So happy about Bear ahhhhh home at last!! xxxxxx
  5. Hey Sandy,

    How are you doing? I'm really enjoying your photo albums. You and I have seen some of the same sites in Arizona. I meant to tell, you, that I used to live not far from you. I lived in Rocky Point when I was a kid. My father was an instructor at the US Customs school at Hofstra University for a couple of years. I loved Long Island. Hope all is well with you today.

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    Muchas gracias Sandy! Oops...we've been giving her treats for sit. We'll stop doing that. She has accomplished sit really well and stay is improving but doesn't last long. Giving her a treat to munch on while doing that is a great idea! I'm trying to figure out why she has fleas...the vet office gave us a free sample of Advantage and we put it on her the day of the visit. Now and then she'll scratch and I'll find one here or there, pull it off and flush it. We made sure not to bathe her until 48 hours after we administered it but I'm wondering if the bath diminished its effect or if the sample was a dud. We don't bathe her too often because the vet said terriers like other breeds don't need it often it will dry out their skin and when we do we use baby shampoo so it's mild. Do you know what's the best thing to keep fleas off?
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    Thank you so much Sandy .. you have always been so supportive. I know they simply won't believe me until I have a written statement from the doctor ... and even then, they won't understand because they haven't even taken the time to do any research what so ever. Oh well ... Thanks again .. take good care.
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    A no kill shelter...awesome! That's not where we got Isabelle from and she had been there for 2 weeks. It's a very small shelter and the only one for the county. I had not thought that adopting her had opened up a spot like that. Thanks Sandy. However, I still feel rotten thinking of all those sad faces we left behind in those cages. A lot of old dogs that will most likely not be adopted.
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    Lol...I can just see you shouting at the tv.
    Stay is very hard but it's getting better. She's a smart little dog. When we start our training, she has sit down pat...and before you give the command she sits. lol. She's like "here ya' go...where's my treat?" Oh that's a bummer the dog lost the meaning of the word...shoot. I saw a trainer on tv help a dog learn to stay by opening the door using the command. If the dog moved towards the door while open he didn't get to go out... when he stayed he got to go out. I think I'll give that a try today and see how it goes. We're prepared that it will take time but it's fun watching her learn. We give her these commands and she makes the cutest faces at us like "say what?" lol.
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    Sorry so slow replying...I've been adjusting to a new script and trying to train the new puppy. lol. It's more fun training the puppy. I'm so sorry you tripped and got hurt...oh Sandy. How is it now? Sorry the cold isn't good news for you. I used to didn't like it either but for some reason I appreciate it now. I get tired of it eventually but appreciate the change. I used to love summer weather. The heat is so rough on me now. It's the weekend while I'm typing this so YEAH, you're off from work! Hope you enjoy your weekend despite the new wound. Today is a low key day here...hubby is working till 3, but it's overtime we need. The GA Dogs are playing today when he gets home from work so I plan to work on my pictures. My daughter and hubby REALLY get into football games and get too loud for me sometimes. Lol. Tomorrow nothing really planned...just hoping to relax with hubby and get him to help me train the dog some.
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As long as this body works, I am going to enjoy life to the fullest for each second of every moment that I can.


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New Photo Album

by SandyR on 06-27-2009 at 11:05 PM
I decided to start an album of my symptom pics. I am calling it This Is What I Look Like When I Flare. Obviously, there are symptoms that are just not photographic (fatigue for example) but these are selections of ones that are. I wanted a place to share with you what my symptoms look like and get feedback on them. Please feel free to swing by and leave a comment. I will try to add new photos of symptoms from time to time.

unusual worry

by SandyR on 06-24-2009 at 09:11 PM
this may sound a little weird but I am a little worried. I have a 2nd opinion appointment with a new rheumy on the 2nd and right now I am feeling soooooooooo good, that I am barely showing any flare signs. Ankle swelling, gone. Stomach has been good. Psoriasis on eyelids cured with the FML. Random rash on legs just a mere scar now. Cheeks noticeably less red lately. Energy level is up. Joints are feeling good enough to go dancing and walking again. *sigh* I realize that this is actually

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I have a blog?!?!

by SandyR on 06-17-2009 at 07:13 PM
Wow! I just realized that I have a blog on here. Cool. What to say, what to say? Tomorrow I am going to PA to see my niece graduate high school. Makes me feel very old. I am going to swing through NJ on the way home to see dad, which is really good since it's Father's Day and also my youngest brother's bday. Work was good today. Got alot accomplished. Cleaned up a ton of files. Got the supply order put away. Almost done with a report for one of my bosses. Overall, pretty good. Was tired

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