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    Yes its the smaller one a CT which im dreading as im claustraphobic ahhhhhhhhhhh lol I have it in August so will be soon after.It'll come back healthy like everything else so im not thinking about it.Gonna ask the doc for something to calm me as last 2 times was awful n i ran out like a mad woman....ok maybe not run lol.I forgot what else you asked me lol.Hope you are feeling bareable today and you had a good day.Neighbours have been a little quieter but its like the calm before the storm with them....hope it continues.This is how it used to be lovely.I did the garden today,Daisy's plot and put up solar lights looks fab.I took photos but am unable to work this uploader at the mo on will do when i can.You take care.xxxxxxxxx
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    Im soooooooo happy you enjoyed the shower,how fab she got all the new clothes as well.Sorry you felt rough,but under that heat i cant imagine how you all ever cope with daily be just floating in the pool fullstop lol.It does you good to enjoy yourself,but make sure you rest now as you did allot at the weekend.Sorry about your sinus problems.I know how painful that is ....hope it gets better soon and you have meds to help.I got some sinutab i think they were called and they did help eventually.
    Im plodding along,neighbours dont dissapear when i wave my wand yet lol....but hoping every day,such selfish people.Im waiting for a blood test and a brain scan soon.Mines only a small brain lol so wont take long lol.Anyway,you take care.Love n hugs.xxxxxxxx
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    How was your weekend Sandy and the baby shower? Hope it was fab!!Hope you are feeling better now tooLove n hugsxxxxxx
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    Sandy how was your sister's baby shower? Did she get lots of nice presents? We threw a surprise 18th birthday party for my daughter this afternoon (Sunday) She was so surprised. I was so glad that it was this weekend and not last weekend when I was feeling pretty poorly. Have a good week.
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    sorry about the sun sicko's thats what I call it. It makes me so I feel like I have the flu, sometimes even throw up. Mostly just hurt and get rashes and overheated, kind of like heat exhaustion. Hope you are doing better soon. So glad there may be an end in sight for my migraines. YEAH
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    Yeah I did... Come to find out I DID date him for two days... no wonder I couldn't rember him that well... LOL
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    Oh Sandy sorry yu been having some rough days,just rest as much as you can.I know to be honest poor Jess hasnt been having her walks either as ive just no energy at all.But she has a big garden to run around n fetch her ball so she has fun.I hope you feel a little better soon.But you have such hot weather over there and when its humid its like yoour heads in the oven isnt it.Too much for me from the Uk lol.Its been humid here but nothing like your weather. How are work with you when you call in sick>? They ok with you? Hope they are.Ive been bit exhausted last four weeks...waiting for it to pass.You take care lots of love n hugs.xxxxxxx
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    Things are things... There was a REAL strange thing that happend to me right here.
    A guy named Countryboy1980 IMed me asking if I knew who I was and if I could tell myself hi. I think he didn't relize that he was IMing me and that I gained like 110lbs and I got married. The last time I saw this guy was when I was 18. That was 10 years ago. Heck I wouldn't remember who anyone was 10 years ago. I barely remember him. Did I date him? Was he a booty call? Did we hang out? God only knows. Just one of those twilight zone moments... I can almost hear the theme song.
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    not so good, still having the migraines! DAILY! but I see the neurologist tomorrow. so hopefully she will be able to figure things out. I don't know how much more of this I can take. The pain is soooo BAD. feels like my head is going to explode or implode, one of the two. How are you doing? I will let u know more after I see the neuro tomorrow.
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    How was NJ???? I bet it was SO fun! Did that baby come yet? Oh I love it when their new borns. You can coo and cah and be as silly as you want with out you having them run the other directions because you're embarassing them. How ya feeling?? I'm doin' alright. Just this lupus thing sucks some days. Oh well... Gotta buck up and live life to its fullest. Hugs and kisses Laura
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Psoriasis, Diabetes (Type 2), Sarcoidosis
Long Island, NY
dancing, dog walking, cross stiching, cooking
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As long as this body works, I am going to enjoy life to the fullest for each second of every moment that I can.


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New Photo Album

by SandyR on 06-27-2009 at 11:05 PM
I decided to start an album of my symptom pics. I am calling it This Is What I Look Like When I Flare. Obviously, there are symptoms that are just not photographic (fatigue for example) but these are selections of ones that are. I wanted a place to share with you what my symptoms look like and get feedback on them. Please feel free to swing by and leave a comment. I will try to add new photos of symptoms from time to time.

unusual worry

by SandyR on 06-24-2009 at 09:11 PM
this may sound a little weird but I am a little worried. I have a 2nd opinion appointment with a new rheumy on the 2nd and right now I am feeling soooooooooo good, that I am barely showing any flare signs. Ankle swelling, gone. Stomach has been good. Psoriasis on eyelids cured with the FML. Random rash on legs just a mere scar now. Cheeks noticeably less red lately. Energy level is up. Joints are feeling good enough to go dancing and walking again. *sigh* I realize that this is actually

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I have a blog?!?!

by SandyR on 06-17-2009 at 07:13 PM
Wow! I just realized that I have a blog on here. Cool. What to say, what to say? Tomorrow I am going to PA to see my niece graduate high school. Makes me feel very old. I am going to swing through NJ on the way home to see dad, which is really good since it's Father's Day and also my youngest brother's bday. Work was good today. Got alot accomplished. Cleaned up a ton of files. Got the supply order put away. Almost done with a report for one of my bosses. Overall, pretty good. Was tired

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