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    How are you feeling today? Spirits up? Big plans for the weekend?
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    Sorry to hear about the me I the PIT! LOL. Glad they found it of course so now you can be treated and hopfully like me it will go away so you won't need any kind of surgery. I am on 5mg of prednisone and can't wait to be off completly! Flare ups are the worse but they do pass. I have gone from bed ridden for 4 weeks to working out doing an hour of cardio so I know there is healing coming for you sooner than you think...just believe this for yourself.
    Colorado Springs. Sounds light airy and beautiful...I hope you have a wonderful time!
    thanks for asking...I am feeling great! My spirits are up and I feel blessed more than anyone knows to know the staph is gone, arm is healing and I will be back in the gym soon. Blessed that I am alive and almost pain free! Just happy to be here adn in a good mood instead of depressed or in a funk as us Lupies get! know what I mean?
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    Thank you and "the Pit" per doctor this morning said it is healing nicely. NO more staph infections...YEAH! Getting the hole stitched up June 9th so I am happy about that! I wish you well with your appts. I know dealing and doing the MRI catscan can be a pain but better safe than sorry! Let me know how it turns out and how you feel afterwards.
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    wow 90 is alot!! i thought 40 was high! haha.
    yeah honestly, i didn't care about the side effects, because i was in such bad shape ! prednisone made me feel brand new! even tho i had puffy cheeks and ate non-stop! haha
    the only thing that made me really mad tho, is that it ruined my hair ! it used to be soo thick and healthy looking-but now its like...thinner and breaks easy
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    haha yeah im not too worried about the puffy cheeks. everyone loves them on me! i guess cuz when i got sick, my face sunk in kinda? but haha i think the only thing thats bad about the puffy cheeks is that everyone is always pinching them!
    but i know what you mean, my picture thats in the yearbook this year, looks soo much different then what i look like now !
    what did they start you on, when you started prednisone? i started on 40 mg.
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    Bra??? I haven't worn one of those in about 3 weeks. I had surgery on my armpit due to a sabaceus cyst I had that got infected and turned into an abscess. Just loose and swinging but I am still healing. I have a hole in my armpit the size of a quarter that was actually the size of a half dollar or a little larger after surgery. I have to change the gauze 2 a day or my family does anyway. I also found out I had a staph infection...Yeah, last month has been great for me. I hope you are feeling better and able to go out with your friends. As for your comment. I will be here all day talking about stupid men/boys. Try not to think about them as it just angers me and I try not to be bitter and angry or get stressed thinking about it. You will work again when you are ready and your body can function!
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    I totally understand. The depression is like a fire-breathing dragon sometimes! It seems profound, unreal, and keeps burning long after you think you have it beat. But you will make it through this. And when the going gets tough, come to the forum. I have found that the more I participate here, the more I am personally healed. PM me anytime you need a friend.
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    Your welcome! Thank you for the wonderful compliment! I try to keep up the appearence but some times I look like death on a soda cracker for real. Some days I can't even lift my arms to comb my hair but it gets better. As for my X...he cheated on me prior to me being diagnosed so I guess he just wasn't happy...BYE..Dirty Birdie! As for you...the flares will and are going to subside and you will feel like getting out and meeting people. I was the same way. I didn't want any of my friends to see me when I was sick and in pain. Now i have good days and I do go out and mix and mingle. You will find a man that will be all that you want and need and you have plenty of time. Focus on your health and remission from Lupus so you can feel good and move forward with your life!
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    Hello K.Grams,

    Welcome to!

    Please read the rules and enjoy your stay!
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My name is Katlyn..I'm 19yrs young & I have been struggling with Lupus symptoms since December 2004.
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